Smart Source Coupon Insert

2 Nov

There’s a Smart Source coupon insert in today’s paper – you might have gotten it in your flyers also. If you’re heading to the store to pick up a paper for this make sure to check as they don’t all have them. Here’s what’s included:

– Red Lobster coupons

– Buy one get one free for Pedigree dog food

– Save $5 when you spend $10 on  Airwick products

– $1 off Royale Tiger Towel

– 75 cents off Ultra Palmolive

– $1 off Orville Redenbachers popcorn

– $1 off Cepacol

– Purell coupons

– 75 cents of pup-peroni

– $2 off Windex multi surface touch up cleaner

– bunch of scrubbing bubbles coupons

– $1 off Opa greek yogourt dressing

– Reach coupons

– Neti Rinse coupons

And make sure to check back and find out when there are new coupon inserts on my Winnipeg Blog!

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