Variety Heritage Adventure Park

3 Jul

Have you gone to check out the new kids park at the Forks? We went on Sunday for Canada Day and it’s a great place to spend the day as a family!

There is a cute little splash pad for the kids, lots of room to run around. Definitely recommend wearing water shoes though, we saw a lot of kids slip and fall and there are river rocks all around (i thought they were fake but i don’t think so). My daughter loved the splash pad, thought it was a fun one.

There’s also lots of stuff to play on, a train, all kinds of little structures and it’s all history based. There’s a lot to do for a wide age range – my favourite was the little hill with telescopes on it, my daughter found it fun to go up there and spy on us. 🙂 There’s slides, but they were right in the sun so not too usable in a bathing suit. There was a music area, with drums and other instruments that were a big hit too.

For the grownups there are a lot of nice shaded areas to set up a blanket and have a picnic and wait for the kids! The park is open 10am-8pm and the splash pad is 11am-7pm. There were several employees working on Canada Day – not sure if that is the norm or only on that day. Check out the Parks Canada site for all the info.

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  1. We also checked it out on Canada and loved it. We also loved that there are washrooms so close by for changing etc. My kids are 2 & 4 and they loved the splash pad

    • forgot to add about the washrooms! makes a big difference. Wish the food trucks were there every time too! 🙂

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