Chicken Soup for the Soul, Stay at Home Moms – Review and Giveaway!

3 Jul

  Another great book out from Chicken Soup for the Soul, Stay at Home Moms! It’s 101 inspirational stories for mothers about hard work and happy families. I really enjoyed this book, being a stay at home mom myself. They cover a wide range of topics like making the decision to stay at home, how to figure out how to work from home, learning all you need to make that change, like multi tasking, and being happy with your choice.

Being a stay at home mom now is not like the Peggy Bundy days of  eating bonbons on the couch (not that it was ever like that) but it can be very hectic with so many after school activities, helping out at the school and outings, dealing with not only small children but feeling the need to enroll them in many classes or lots of outings etc.  Moms, whether they stay home or work have a lot of stress put on them by the media, other moms  etc. to be the perfect mom, it was really refreshing to read a book like this to see how others deal with this. It’s always fun to read a book that is so personalized – awesome gift idea for any stay at home mom for sure. And as always, nice quick stories that everyone can make the 2 minutes a day to read and enjoy. A nice little daily break.

Thanks to Chicken Soup for the Soul 2 lucky people will each be receiving their own copy of this book! To enter, comment below with what surprised you most, or what you enjoy most about being a stay at home mom. If you’re not a stay at home mom, comment with any similar type story! 🙂 Giveaway open to all Canadians and will end July 6th at noon – good luck to everyone!

21 Replies to “Chicken Soup for the Soul, Stay at Home Moms – Review and Giveaway!

  1. I loved (and still love) staying at home with my kids because I get to watch them grow up! The first year of their life (in my opinion) is not as exciting as the 2nd year!! They are alot more active and a lot more fun!

  2. Ive only just had my daughter and I’m completely in love with her. I enjoy every day tasks (cooking, cleaning, laundry) as it means I’m home and can spend time with her! We still have time to go out and see friends and family, but the housework is also getting done as it serves a better purpose now (that and I’m not working 70-80+ hours outside the home)

  3. I believe this is one of the best choices I made in my life. The baby, toddler,growing, & finally school; I was there for them all the way & loved it immensely. Even volunteering in school got me right into the middle of their school time. I took them to a lot of extra curriculum activities. They knew that Mom would always be there for them, in their joys & also in their hurts & needs.
    I worked very hard for my family. And sometimes things got hard, but we succeeded. We had a lot of fun.
    BUT IN THE END IT WAS VERY WELL WORTH IT!! If I had to do it again I would. Your just missing out on too many things , if your not their for them. After all they’re our kids! We love, love, and love them somemore.

  4. I became a stay-at-home mom at 19. A little scary but I settled into diapers and sleepless nights. In 1998 I became a special needs stay at home mom as we found out our youngest was autistic. I am extremely grateful to be a stay at home mom to my adult children now. <3

  5. I was a stay-at-home mom with my first, a boy, and then worked casual with my second, a girl. I can honestly say it was the best situation for our family as my hubby travels a fair bit as part of his job. My son has benefited so much from me being at home and so has our daughter. They are not perfect but well-adjusted and social. We have had sooooo much fun along the way and created many great memories. What amazes me is how quickly the time flies………………..and that I never ever ever get bored (frustrated yeah a little, but that’s life).

  6. The best thing about being a stay at home is that I can spend more time with my beautiful girls. I’m a lucky gal!

  7. The best reward has been my little one telling me that when she grows up, she want to be a mommy, “just like you are”.

  8. I’m still amazed how I can run out of time to get stuff done when home all day. Where does the hours go? Oh right I remember now, clean up floors only to have things dropped, spilled, or cluttered with. Wipe down counters, again to have things spilled or cluttered with toys. Then need to cook so that makes more dishes. So on and so on, we all know what it’s like. I would never change it (well maybe for the 5 months of the year I work).

  9. 5.5 years at home so far with three little boys. Some days are long, some days I wonder where the hours went – but they are all worthwhile having the opportunity to watch them grow.

  10. I love staying home with my kids and feel blessed that i’m able to afford to only work casual until they are both in school. I couldn’t imagine living in the states and going back to work only 6 weeks after giving birth! I love that i’ve been here for all of thier firsts from words, steps, and name writing. I wouldn’t give up motherhood for anything…

  11. I love being at home with my kids! Being there for their firsts is an amazing blessing and not everyone is afforded that opportunity. What surprises me the most is the negative reaction from most people when I tell them I’m a stay at home mom.

  12. I am currently on Maternity Leave, and am surprised about how much time it takes to do the tasks that I once did on my own such as grocery shopping, housework, etc.

  13. I love being at home making new adventures with my little ones. More often then not I’m amazed what I learn seeing the world from thier eyes. Now that I work out of the home two days a week I really cherish my time at home learning with them

  14. I have been a stay-at-home mom for almost 7 years. It was the best decision we made as we had a rough start at the beginning with twins girls that needed a lot of medical attention. When I look back now, I don’t know how we did it. At the time you don’t have time to think about things, you just do it. But I wouldn’t change it. I have been able to watch my girls grow up to be very happy, energetic and sometimes crazy girls. I’m thnakful we were able to have me stay home. It may be tough money wise at times but money isn’t everything.

  15. I love reading all these comments!

    Being a stay at home mom is the best choice I’ve ever made. From the moment I held my Little Guy, I knew I would be staying home. I love being able to be there for everything with him; no one has to tell me the little amazing things he does everyday, I get to experience them. I’m surprised, as someone else wrote, at the negative responses you can get when you tell people you stay home. I’m very lucky that I have a lot of friends who are also SAHM’s or work very casually. On one trip to the US one of the men at the border crossing asked what I did for a living and I told him that I’m a stay at home mom, and he said “You know, they have other names for that. Household Manager and Domestic Engineer!” That totally made my day!

  16. i’m not a stay at home mom yet, but because i had an amazing stay at home mommy i have always had the dream to be a stay at home mom. i was able to learn so many things from my mom, and i loved having her there when i came home from school, and coming home for lunch. we always had cookies or treats when we got home. now my mom is a stay at home grandma and i know that the 4 grandkids love it just as much as her own 4 loved having her at home.

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