My Top local gift ideas for last minute shopping in #Winnipeg!

20 Dec

Just a few shopping days left and if you’re stuck on what to get for a few people, here are some quick last minute shopping ideas in Winnipeg.

1 – Giftcards can be impersonal, but they don’t have to be. Pick their favourite local spot (if they have kids and you offer to babysit bonus points right there!) – can be for a restaurant, a store – even for Skip The Dishes so they can have a nice meal delivered on a busy holiday evening. You know that day, when everything is done and no one wants to cook! Another one that could be fun is The Real Escape – great gift idea!

2 – If the giftee has a sweet tooth and enjoys good chocolate – head to down Popp Chocolates. Amazing selection pretty much any sweet lover would want – including baked goods too if you needed to bring dessert. Chocolate is usually a pretty safe bet as a gift – lots to choose from for anyone on your list and choices for every budget too.

3 – If you’re needing a gift for a reader, why not get a locally written book? I find local books are a hit with even those who don’t normally read a lot. Lots of choices, from Manitoban history, biographies, cookbooks, sports and travel. One I’d highly recommend is Bartley Kives book, Day Trippers guide to Manitoba. You can find it at all local bookstores – we used this one a lot this summer, since it’s good for anyone wanting to explore the province from one hour jaunts to full day or longer roadtrips.

4 – One thing that’s always fun to get is a customized gift basket – fill it with all kinds of local treats, like Gorp Bars, Shut Ur Pie Hole, OMG’s, Grysiuk honey, etc. So many locally made products – who wouldn’t want to receive a basket of treats? Throw in a movie and you’ve got a movie night!

5 – If you want a lot of choices, head down to the Exchange and walk around – so many choices from toys, baked goods, jewellery, hats and all kinds of gift ideas. I love parking and wandering around – you never know what you’ll find.

6 – Another good walkaround place is the Forks – lots of vendors set up and all kinds of great shops. Generation Green has all kinds of neat local stuff – you can really find almost anything at The Forks. I like that there’s stuff from babies to seniors there – in case you’ve got a long shopping list left to go!

7 – Memberships or passes – whether it’s to the zoo, to one of our many museums or to a family spot – check out their sites to see what kind of deals they offer for passes and memberships. Always a great gift idea as it’ll be used many times during the year. This is also perfect when you’re stuck what to get a few members of a family – you can combine them all into one.

8 – Donations – There are so many great local charities that always need help – When you get to a certain age people often don’t need much and it becomes hard to choose a gift. Great idea to just share that with a charity instead, whether you donate money, items or even time in their name.

I know there are many, many more great spots to shop in Winnipeg – so make sure to your favourites in the comments!

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