Target Closing all of their Canadians locations

15 Jan

To anyone who’s been to a Target store in Winnipeg this isn’t the most shocking news – sadly. Since the day the first store opened in Winnipeg it’s been problematic. There was never a grand opening or event to really cement themselves into the city as most other big stores do when they come to our city. It’s a formula that works here and I was really surprised that they never followed through with it. They had some smaller events, but never a Here We Are Winnipeg type of thing.

The shelves were bare at the start but I figured it was maybe shipping or stocking errors or people were just so enthusiastic that it was sold out. But unfortunately that never really seemed to improved. We’ve actually shopped at Target a lot – it’s nice and quiet in there, I love the whole Archer Farms line and will be sad to see them go. I will be stocking up on their frozen pizzas and trail mix for sure!

They were very busy over the holidays, there was a lot of stock and a lot of good sales. They’ve had success with their big toy sales also. But for day to day shopping it wasn’t the most reliable place as there were usually just too many empty sections and you could never quite get everything on your list there. I’ve only been to 2 of their locations in Winnipeg, haven’t even had the chance yet to go to the Polo Park one.

Most people seemed to think we’d be getting American prices in Winnipeg so that was a big problem for them also. I expected more lines that people know and love from the U.S. and those never seemed to come either. I never really heard great reviews from locations in other provinces also – seems most die hard Target fans just kept going to the U.S. stores to get the products and deals they were used to.

What do you think caused the downfall of Target in Canada? What, if anything, could they have done to save themselves here? Did you shop at Target, and do you plan to shop their closing sales?

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