Relax and Unwind at the Fairmont Winnipeg

14 Jan

fairmont winnipegSometimes as a parent you just need a little getaway. Or maybe you need a girls night out, or a night as a couple away or even with the whole family. Somewhere to unwind, unplug and relax.

My cousin Melanie and I were both hitting that wall in December, we wanted to do a fun night out, but when you try to figure out a restaurant, taxis, where to go – it gets confusing and more work than it needs to be. So we decided to go all out and treat ourselves to a night away from it all.

The Fairmont Winnipeg has a lot of different packages available – like Take the Elevator home which is perfect if you’re going out downtown, Lounge With a View includes tickets to the Canadian Human Rights Museum and a lot of other choices to suit any type of outing – whether you’re in town visiting or just need a little staycation.

We chose the Kiss and Wake Up Package – great name and it suited our needs perfectly apart from the kissing. This one is $209 at most times and it includes a beautiful room for two, sparkling wine and chocolate covered strawberries, free parking spot, 3pm late checkout and my favourite part, breakfast for 2! You get to choose if you want to go down to the Velvet Glove or order breakfast in bed – pretty sure you can guess what we did!

We left the kids at home with the husbands and went on our little holiday! The room was great, we had an amazing view of downtown. Right after we got to our room they delivered our strawberries and wine – perfect start to the getaway. We hit the hot tub right away to relax – their pool room is on the top floor so you get to sit and gaze at downtown. It’s also fun to wander around just wearing their luxurious robes and some flip flops – really puts you in the holiday mood.

For dinner we went down to the Velvet Glove – you can either eat in the fancy restaurant part or choose the lounge like we did. She had the lobster mac and cheese and I had probably the best steak I’ve ever had in my life. The thing that amazed me the most were the fries, I have no idea what they do but they were hands down the best ever. The vibe was great in the bar, our meal was delicious and everyone was just dressed casually so no worries if you don’t want to get dressed up. I love that there is the other side though if you want to have a fancier evening.

We planned on hitting the hot tub again, but once in the room there was this strange new thing – it was pure silence!! No children, no messes to clean up, no dishes to do, no phones ringing or things to plan or deal with. I’d love to say we partied on our night away – but we just had fun chatting, watching silly tv and just enjoying the peace and quiet. And we were room service queens!! The first thing we ordered was creme brulee after dinner – I’ve eaten quite a bit of this in my life and never had much of an opinion on it. I normally don’t eat a lot of anything, but while gulping this down I commented that I would eat a vat of it if it was available. Luxury in a tiny little bowl and it was the perfect dessert!

breakfast  We stayed up pretty late watching tv and slept like logs. The next morning we of course chose to order breakfast in bed. The menu is amazing – so many great choices and with the Kiss and Wake Up Package you get to choose anything you want.

I picked the Eggs Benedict – once again just delicious and everything cooked perfectly! They really know their potatoes – I’d love to find out their secrets! This was decadent – lots of prosciutto and hollandaise. And the coffee – yum! The service is great too – it’s fun calling down for room service at the Fairmont – everyone is friendly and fun. The room was in my name but I had written my cousins name under, somehow they had figured out who was who by the 2nd call and freaked us out a bit – amazing service!

I can’t even remember what she had for breakfast because we were like ravenous wolves, robes and a hot breakfast with no children….quite the rarity for us. The room service tray held everything you could ever want at breakfast time too. It was so peaceful to get to just sit with your coffee and relax to start the day and not be rushed to do anything else, at all.

Because of the late checkout with this package we got to lazily go about our morning, we even went back to the hot tub. We were so hot after this we decided to order some milk and cookies – it’s like mom’s gone wild, I know! 😉

cookies  This is quite possibly the coolest room service item I’ve ever seen! I guess it’s mostly meant for children because when I called down he asked if we had a voucher that they normally hand out to children. Nope, no kids with us I laughed (maybe I laughed too long? But when do you get to say that?) He still gave us the voucher – and did I mention we’re a bit like vultures and pounced on the cookies. We wanted to try each one so that’s why they’re all broken in half. There’s something really relaxing about just sitting down and having milk and cookies – these were super yummy and such a great treat.

I can imagine for kids this is the best night time snack and would really be fun if you’re there as a family. Or if you just want to feel like a kid again.

This was the perfect getaway for us – we both love food so that’s why there’s so much of it in such a short time. We got to have a nice dinner together, have a few drinks and not worry about getting a ride or a taxi and just relax and flip through some magazines and lounge in robes.

I think the service is my favourite thing at the Fairmont – we called a lot, needed another robe, more towels, we broke a glass, all of our food deliveries and every time they answered immediately and were just so pleasant and accommodating. Check in and checkout are a breeze, the parking was right next door and easy too. From start to finish it was luxury and decadence and we could just leave our regular selves at the door. This getaway was the perfect recharge we both needed – sometimes you just need to take time for yourself. Next thing on my list is a getaway with my husband or as a family – there’s several packages that suit all kinds of events and the price is really right with all the extras you get.

If you’re planning a trip to Winnipeg or a getaway or even a March Break Staycation make sure to check out their site and see what works for you.




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