Super cash at Old Navy

21 Oct

Starting today at Old Navy until Nov. 13 for every 20$ you spend get 10$ in supercash – up to 30$ supercash per transaction. Then, nov. 17-22 you can redeem 10$ in supercash for every 20$ you spend. This is great if you shop for the whole family, need a wardrobe update or are looking for clothes as xmas gifts! Has anyone used the supercash yet?

4 Replies to “Super cash at Old Navy

  1. This equates to 25% off if used exactly to the penny. I’m sure a few extra bucks would be spent each purchase and your savings would go down. So not an overly great deal as clothing has huge mark ups anyway. But if there are big discounts on the items you are buying already, it may be worth it.

  2. Really disappointed with Old Navy lately. I don’t know if it’s because I’m outgrowing it – but I find the styles awful and the quality even worse. Ever since they changed the store set-up, I’ve hardly shopped there.

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