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21 Oct

I’ve been putting this one off – the cost of sending out replacements is killing me! If I missed your message, or you forgot to update please do so. Here are the ones that are missing right now:

st vital# 2- donna mailed it to shamara sept. 9th

outside winnipeg – i mailed it to leanne a long time ago, never an update on this one….

charleswood – juanita dropped it off to tracy aug. 25th

grant park – rachel dropped it off to natalie aug 28th

east k – i mailed it sept 13th to mackenzie, no update

u of m – annie dropped it off to rebecca sept. 25th

garden city/west k – i mailed it to christine sept 13th, no update

out of province – i mailed it to josee sept. 13th, no update

transcona – kelly dropped it off to katrina oct. 3rd

polo park – i mailed it to patricia sept. 13th, no update

Please update if you know where these are….so I don’t have to send replacements for all of these. And remember, I do remove people who don’t update and who the chains go missing at. Make sure to always update when you get it, and when and to whom you are sending it. Helps keep things organized for everyone!

26 Replies to “Coupon chains updates

  1. I received the coupon chain from Annie and passed it on to the next person on the list by Sept 29th. (I forget who was the next on the list). It was someone in St. Norbert. Hope that helps.

  2. I have been on the chain for MONTHS and I havent gotten anything since the 2nd last “do over” when STJ/PP kept going missing 🙁

  3. I posted in the coupon chain link at the top of the page on October 1, saying that I received the U of M chain on the 29th and I dropped off in the afternoon of the 30th.


  4. I was wondering what was happening. 🙁
    We were doing so great too! ( Grant Park chain)
    Maybe you should think about rejigging the rules, everyone on the chain should be member of the blog and then have to be a member for a certain amount of time before they can get on a chain or something like that.
    Thx for all the work you do on the chains.

  5. I’m not sure where the coupon chain list is – I see the updates but not a list to check to see if I’ve been added. Here are my partics: Jodie McRae, 70 Sage Wood Ave, R2G 2W9, I’m minutes away from Springfield and Lagimodiere to help determine which list is most suitable. I was on the list but didn’t update before you sent out the last round. Could you post the lists so I can ensure I’m on, otherwise I’ll forward coupons to others on my own. If I’m on, I’ll save coupons for your chain. I used to drop them off at your house but life has just been too hectic right now. Thanks! Jodie

  6. Hi nadine I dropped the grant park one off 2 maybe 3 days after I got it to the next person on the list I didn’t realize I needed to let you know sorry

  7. thanks nadine for doing the chains….. i know u have soo many to do…. at first i thought charging people in stamps would be good but then i dont think that would stop the chains from going missing…. so i hope u continue doing them and i’ll continue pressing the ads and i hope others will too…
    lets help her out with the chains since we r already on here anyway…. i think if we do what nadine writes on the chain instruction sheets we can keep these trains free, which would be awesomeee

  8. I am usually in the out side of winnipeg – and i have not received anything – FYI I can see why you will take a break with this part.

  9. Hello I just wanted to let u know that I haven’t reciEved the polo park one I’m second from the end don’t know if that helps

  10. Hi
    Nadine this is Tracy in Charleswood I dropped it off 4 or 5 days after I received it
    sorry I didn’t know was supposed to let you know

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