Sobey’s Sage Creek Grand Opening in #Winnipeg and a Gift Card #Giveaway – #LoveSobeys

28 Oct




Who went and checked out the grand opening of the new Sobeys Store in Sage Creek? We went down and waited in line for the grand opening – it was a lot of fun, met some nice people and the first 500 people got a $10 giftcard. They were handing out hot apple cider and yogourt and fruit to those waiting too. I love events like this, people waiting in line just for fun and to get to see something new. It was definitely worth the wait!! I got to see a preview of the store the night before it opened – but it was still amazing to me the next day, full of people and all the sample sections set up. The store is so different from any other store and I love that Winnipeg is the first to have one of these! It’s set up for convenient, healthy eating – the deli, pizza station, huge cheese area, amazing bakery etc. are all fully stocked with amazing goodies, and new things you’ll want to try. The meat section still wowed me again and we’ve already tried several things from it.


My husband and I had a date night at home on Saturday – total restaurant type meal. We had the Apple Brie and Pepper Jelly stuffed pork tenderloin and the Chicken Cordon Bleu with some purple asparagus – it was amazing! Super healthy, easy to make and very affordable. Didn’t have to leave the house to have a fancy dinner!!

And last night we had my mom over and had a meat extravaganza, tried 4 different types of prepared meats. It was super fun, everything was yummy, and the cost was what it would be for 1 person to go out for dinner – yet it fed 4 and we had leftovers!! Even got a yummy fresh baked apple pie and ice cream for dessert!

Head over to the new store when you have a chance (or right now!) and you’ll get to see for yourself how great it is! For me I was in a cooking slump, found myself making the same dull meals over and over again with no enthusiasm. The amount of new ingredients and smaller packaging at the Sage Creek store has revived my love of cooking!! I found myself completely inspired!





And I thought maybe it was just me, that I was the most over-enthusiastic shopper in Winnipeg. I’ve received so many emails and facebook messages from people who met friends to check out the store, did a date night there or just went for a regular shop – some even drove into or across the city for it – and the response is amazing!! Smaller portions make it great for single people, couples, and seniors etc.  The gluten free, vegan and natural foods section is huge – things i’ve never seen before. I took my husband on Sunday to check it out and he really liked it too, it’s a fun place to go check out and try a few new things.

To celebrate the Sage Creek Grand Opening I have a $50 Sobeys gift card to give away to one lucky reader!!



Here are your ways to enter:

1 – Comment with with section of the new store most appeals to you

2 – Follow Sobeys on twitter and comment that you did so

3 – Like Sobeys on facebook and comment that you did so

4 – Earn a daily entry by tweeting out the link to the giveaway – just comment that you did so

Giveaway is open to all Canadians and will end Monday Nov. 4th at noon – Good Luck to everyone!






185 Replies to “Sobey’s Sage Creek Grand Opening in #Winnipeg and a Gift Card #Giveaway – #LoveSobeys

  1. I really liked the fact that when I walked in there were lots of veggie/fruit choices right away and spreading to my left. I didn’t go thru the whole store but I am looking forward to going back and checking it out in detail

  2. I like the cheese area! My whole family loves cheese and what a great selection. I also like the smaller portions that they have too! Will be back.

  3. My favorite part of the new store is the bakery. Did you know that they have a whole fridge full of cakes they will let you sample – quite impressed!

  4. I’m looking forward to checking out the store in general but especially the gluten free section…it’s heartening to hear they have a lot of selection.

  5. I liked that this Sobeys is different…not just like every other store. I liked the set-up and size and loved the selection of pizza.

  6. I liked Sobey’s on Facebook! And I would love to win the $50 gift card. It would make grocery shopping a lot easier on the wallet next trip. I’m definitely going to check out the new store.

  7. when u first walk in the store the dim lighting and displays made for a restaurant setting. Very impressive way to invite you in to check it out….

  8. I really loved the whole store, but I’d have to say that I was super impressed with the bakery – especially the display case with the huge assortment of delectable fancy baked goods! It looked like a specialty bakery display case, not a big grocery store chain’s bakery! The fancy treats were decorated so beautifully and the special touches were very impressive. I happened to be admiring the goodies while standing beside someone that was taking pictures of the display, and we struck up a conversations. She told me that she and her company are the ones that train and instruct the Sobey’s staff to decorate all the fancy baking! It was very interesting hearing how she was working with the Sage Creek staff to prepare the baking for the Grand Opening. I, for one, really appreciated the variety of fancy baked goods that the bakery department had to offer and I know where I will go when I need a special dessert or assortment of pastries to serve at my next dinner party!

  9. The bakery section blew me away! Not what you’d expect to see in a grocery store at all. I lived in the US for a few years and it reminds me a bit of Whole Foods. Loved the store layout. Followed Sobeys on Facebook and Twitter.

  10. I have not been yet but want to check out the deli section of the store. I love the convenience meals that sobey’s offers. Great when you do not have much time to prepare a meal

  11. I already “like” Sobey’s on Facebook.

    Haven’t been to the new store yet, they are about an hours drive from me – will have to check them out on one of my Wpg. trips.

  12. The smaller portions definitely the plus for me. So difficult to adjust to one when your brain wants to make for five!! Liked and follow Sobeys on FB.

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