Sobey’s meal deal!!

15 Sep

meal deal  Sobey’s has an amazing meal deal this week!! Took a quick pic when we got home so you could see all you get. For $20 you get:

1 – whole rotisserie chicken

2 – slab of ribs

3 – reser’s salad

4 – compliments salad kit

5 – bakery baguette

6 – 12 pack of cookies (we got chocolate reese’s ones)

All of this is available right in the deli, and it’s an amazing deal!! Basically just pay for the meat and get all the rest for free!! Also, best deal is if you’re doing a big grocery shop this week and spend $200 or more you get this entire meal for free!!

I think this is perfect for a busy night for a family, but a great idea for a single person who doesn’t want to cook for most of the week – and even for a senior. You could stretch this out over the entire week. The salads are both good for over a week and don’t have to be made right away. Don’t eat the whole baguette – make some nice bread pudding!!

I’m planning on this for dinner tonight – and leftovers will be used for lunches for Monday and Tuesday – kiddo loves ribs in her lunch, and make some chicken sandwiches. Always happy to have some cookies too! 🙂

They weren’t sure how long this deal will be around at the deli, so make sure to pick one up on your next busy night – cheaper than takeout and some many possibilities – also love that there’s something for everyone in there.


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