How to make candy sushi

15 Sep

We’ve been wanting to try to make candy sushi for a while, and saw a lot of pictures and tutorials online and it seemed pretty complicated. We winged it, and it was a lot of fun, and turned out pretty good for our 1st time.

sushi1  Start with a batch of rice krispie treats – squish it flat on a baking sheet – makes it easier to deal with and it cools pretty fast. Next, you can just go crazy!

To make it more fun you can pick up a sushi rolling mat for $1. We wrapped ours in saran wrap so wouldn’t get too messy.

Get an assortment of candy – we got fruit roll ups and fruit by the foot for the outer wrappings – kiddo was pretty excited since not things we normally ever buy. We bought Swedish fish for some, and chopped up the fruit roll ups to be filling too.

We all did it our own way, and they all turned out pretty well!!

sushi2   My husband made rolls of rice krispies with candy dispersed throughout – then wrapped it in a fruit roll up and sliced. Pretty easy to do.

I used the fruit by the foot, just used a chunk of the mix and flattened it and did them one by one.

Kiddo made fun ones topped with a fish – just cut a square of the treats, put a fish on top and wrap with a strip of fruit by the foot.

The possibilities for this are endless! You could use a variety of candy, i’m sure there’s probably a healthier way to do it too!

And if you’re doing this for a party, or a special event stop by your local sushi store and see if they will either give you, or sell you the to-go sushi containers!! And if you’re really going authentic whip up some chocolate sauce as the soy sauce, cut up some candy to be the ginger and you can make green tinted whipped cream as the spicy wasabi!

sushi3  Here’s our finished product in our super cute takeout container!!

It was a lot of fun to make, and fun to eat.

Great idea for a themed birthday party, a classroom treat – or just a fun way to spend Sunday afternoon together making treats to give to friends and family.


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