Sneak peek at Checkout51 offers!

25 Jun

Here are the deals that will go live on Thursday on Checkout51:

Potato Thins, any variety of Potato Thins, 115 g or more.   Cash back: $2.00
Summer Fresh hummus and dips, any variety.   Cash back: $1.00
Italpasta Gluten Free Pasta, 375 g box, any variety.   Cash back: $0.50
Italpasta Total Pasta, 375 g box, any variety.    Cash back: $0.50
Glad® Odor Guard® Trash Bags Any box of Glad® Odour Guard® trash bags with Febreze™ Freshness.   Cash back: $2.00
Kashi Blueberry Oat Clusters & Flakes, 380 g box or more.   Cash back: $2.00
Brita® Bottle With Filter, any Brita® Bottle purchase.   Cash back: $3.00
V8 V-Fusion® Smoothie, any V8 V-Fusion® Smoothie product.   Cash back: $1.00
Gay Lea Real Whipped Cream, any Gay Lea Real Whipped Cream.   Cash back: $1.00
Select Glade® Products, Buy any 2 Select Glade® Products, get $3.00 cash back. Items must appear on the same receipt. Excludes Glade® 227 g Aerosols and Glade® Solid Air Fresheners.    Cash back: $3.00
Hasbro: World Series of YAHTZEE Game.   Cash back: $5.00
Clorox2 Laundry Stain Remover, any Clorox2 Laundry Product.  Cash back: $2.00

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