Canadian Super Hero Party – Guest Post by Cindy

25 Jun

Recently I was at a local loonie type store in Winnipeg and noticed an interesting colouring book: Captain Canuck!

My mind started working overtime.  Could I start having super hero parties with an all Canadian Hero?
Well, I haven’t been able to get organized enough to get the plans finalized: but maybe you can?
Check out this site for some terrific info and a clip on Captain Canuck (around since 1975)!
Take your Canada Party to the next level, and beyond.  Gather up some Canada Day decorations and treats (available everywhere right now) and plan an all Canadian super hero party!
I think that this character sounds so exciting, and really think our country deserves to be among the other caped crusaders out there!
What do you think?  Should I have a Canadian Super Hero party?  Would any child want one?
Will you be having a Captain Canuck party for Canada Day?
Happy Canada Day to you, and your family from Cindy at Dress Up and Play Parties!


One Reply to “Canadian Super Hero Party – Guest Post by Cindy”

  1. I had completely forgotten about Captain Canuck until I read your post. I think this is a great idea! But kids are excited by their favourite heros and might not be thrilled about a theme party for a hero they’ve never heard of. Perhaps reading a few issues of the comic leading up to the party and watching a few episodes of the new animated web series would get him geared up for an all-Canadian superhero party… great way to reuse the Canada Day decorations too!

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