Sneak Peek at Checkout51 offers

31 Dec

Here are the deals that will go live Thursday morning on Checkout51:

Nordica Cottage Cheese  Any variety of Nordica Cottage Cheese.  Cash back: $1.00
Kellogg’s* All-Bran* Cereal Any size and variety. Cash back: $1.00
Centrum ProNutrients™ Supplements Any variety. Cash back: $4.00
Silk beverages Any Silk Soy, True Almond, or True Coconut beverage, 946 mL or more. Cash back: $1.00
Tetley English Breakfast or Pure Ceylon Tea Valid only on 60s. Cash back: $2.00

Buy 2: Any Glade® product. Any variety, excluding Glade® aerosols, solids or Ultra. Cash back: $3.00
Minute Rice® Whole Grain Brown Rice Minute Rice® Whole Grain Brown 600g or 1.2kg variety. Cash back: $1.00
Renée’s Gourmet™ Mayonnaise Style Dressing 355 g variety  Cash back: $1.50
Kotex® or U by Kotex® product Any Kotex® or U by Kotex® brand product. Cash back: $2.00
Skintimate Shave Gel 198 g size. Cannot be combined with any other offer. Cash back: $1.00
Lean Cuisine® Fresh Inspirations™ Any Variety of Lean Cuisine® Fresh Inspirations™. This offer is eligible for Stouffer’s®/Lean Cuisine® Bonus Reward Points. See offer for more details. Cash back: $1.50
Select Breyers ice cream + Knorr Homestyle Stock Any variety of Breyers Creamery Style or Breyers Yogurt Swirls package with any Knorr Homestyle Stock. Items must appear on the same receipt. Cash back: $2.00
SCOTT® Towels SCOTT® paper towel 6 mega roll or larger. Cash back: $2.00

Keri body lotion Any variety. Cash back: $1.00
Ocean Spray Craisins 142g or more, any flavour. Cash back: $0.50

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