Shopper’s Drugmart Mega Redemptions

4 Dec

So, how did everyone make out? Anything funny happen? 🙂 We did our 3 redemptions, went pretty fast and we were very lucky to find everything on our list. Got all of our xmas gifts for our daughter, gifts for exchanges, chocolates and snacks for holiday visitors and even a few splurges! And of course tons and tons of groceries! I didn’t find it too busy, people were generally in good moods – the only bad part is that our Shopper’s in st. b only has 4 carts left (area residents seem to think carts are for their personal use at home) so one shop there was pretty hectic, involving my grandma, a walker and several very full and heavy baskets!

And is anyone else already thinking of next year’s mega redemption? 😉

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  1. i had a great time… have only 250 points left 🙂
    did 2 $250 shops and 1 $125

    got a wii and lots of christmas gift, and toys and some food… love this even…. guess its time to start collecting for next year….. and need to get my husband a card too

  2. My b/f went to the Shoppers on Osbourne at 12am and bought the Xbox Kinect. He said it was busy (but when is it not) and that the staff seemed to be ill prepared, so I’m not sure how the rest of the weekend went. But we got what we wanted and without too much hassle or waiting, so all and all, it was worth it.

  3. We did really well! Only had 50,000 points to redeem and life has been crazy the last few days so I didn’t think we would have a chance to get in on the mega redemption. I was able to quickly go through the flyer this afternoon, made a list and also matched a few items up with coupons. I had to send my husband since the card is in his name and we both couldn’t get away to go. We are very stocked up on garbage bags, bathroom tissue, honey, rice, cereal, cheese, batteries etc. for quite a while. Before coupons and redemption: $142.74 – OOP $9.50!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My husband said there was a gentleman in line behind him who was impressed when he was using the coupons and then when he pulled out his Shopper’s Optimum card and wanted to redeem 50,000 points he actually walked away from his cart and left the store. When my husband went outside the gentleman met him in the parking lot and asked him what he had ended up paying for everything and couldn’t believe the final price until my husband showed him the receipt. Turns out he shops there a lot and doesn’t have a SO card but will be signing up for one now. My husband also told him about the websites you can sign up for and they will send you coupons and he said he was going home to look into that.

  4. I got my two redemptions ($125 & $250) done without any problems. Thought the store would be busier. Most of my Christmas shopping is done now! Love Optimum points! Excited to start saving for next year. 😉

  5. This is the first time I participated in the bonus redemption as I either don’t have enough points or don’t purchase the big money items. But this time with the 30,000 points giving a $20 bonus (i.e. $60) – usually it is 38000 points for $60 – I thought I might but wasn’t counting on it and was adding things up as I went around the store. I ended up using the 30,000 points/$60 and paid $9.07 – and got 280 bonus points on one item and used $3 in coupons. Best of all these 30000 points used were all bonus points I just got last month! I had bought 3x$150 SDM cards (got 4500 points on purchase then 3×8000 points bonus on that offer) then used the cards on a $50 purchase of cosmetics with a coupon for 10000 bonus points (coming Dec 7): total 34000 bonus points! Most of the things I bought were on sale and the receipt says ‘you have saved $23.04’, so the total saving was 23.04, plus 3.00 coupons, plus 60.00 = 86.04.

  6. I did AWESOME this weekend at Shoppers. Did 3 X 250 and got my laptop that i’m writing on right now, as well as perfume, a few wii games, nunchuck and misc toiletries…. I like to pay for my groceries, but like to redeem for luxuries I would normally never spend money on… (my hair should look fabulous with my new straightner, curling iron and blow dryer!). I then did an additional 125 shop for biotherm face products for my sister, then realized when I got home I could do another 60!!! We went into the city for a party yesterday afternoon and I forced my husband to take me back so I could stock my pantry full of chocolate for entertaining… A big thanks to Nadine for getting me hooked on SDM less then a year ago! I’ve mastered the point collecting… Now if I could only master the will power to not break open a box of Toffifee!

    • Too funny – I couldn’t resist the toffifee! Cracked open the box yesterday! It was fun seeing you at the store, you looked like having a good shop! Crazy how many redemptions you were able to do. Now that most of us are starting over from scratch, we should keep track of what we spend vs. what we get back in redemptions throughout the year!

  7. I didn’t do the shop because I am on mat leave this year and plan on taking a leave from work for another year so I am saving all my redemptions for next year when I have no more money LOL

  8. I went to our SDM at 11:45pm Friday, filled my cart with $125 worth of goodies, checked out at 12:02am and was home by 12:20. I was surprised that I wasn’t the only crazy one in the store.

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