Smart Source today!

3 Dec

The Smart Source was in today’s free press and this week’s flyers, it includes:
1$ off Alberto

2$ and 1$ off Finish – mail in rebate offer

1$ off Wonderful Pistachios

2×2$ off Huggies, 1$ off wipes

2 1$ off’s at m&’s

bunch of scrubbing bubbles coupons


bunch of razor coupons

2$ off windex

1$ off m&m’s

2$ off purina one cat food

5$ off when you spend 15$ on glade products

1$ off royale paper towels

Sorry if there’s lots of mistakes, was up most of the night shopping at shopper’s! 🙂

3 Replies to “Smart Source today!

  1. We didn’t get it in our flyers this week and neither did my daughter!! That makes me so mad!! I asked someone that I work with who works on Sat. to go through the WFP copies that we get at work and she was going to grab those for me so maybe I’ll get a couple copies afterall. I hate it when the flyer people don’t deliver them.

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