Shopper’s Drugmart Spend your points event

9 Mar

Shopper’s Drugmart is having a spend your points event on Saturday and Sunday – which means your 50,000 points are worth $100 (extra $15) and 95,000 points is worth $200 (extra $30)

Lots of good deals this week, sunlight and glad wrap are 99 cents. Butter is 2.99, spaghetti sauce is 99 cents, lots of electronics deals and bonus points too.

Anyone planning on redeeming their points?

2 Replies to “Shopper’s Drugmart Spend your points event

  1. Just curious…I went to shoppers last week when they had the extra points event on and it said on my reciept that I got 3000 points for my visit which was great but then today I went onl the website and it said my points as of 2 days ago were only 640 which was my balance before the 3000 trip. Is that normal?

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