Shoppers Drugmart 20x the points

2 Sep

Tomorrow is 20x the points at Shoppers when you spend 50$. And this week they have Saturday only specials – purex and arm and hammer are 2.99 – tons of coupons for those. Royale is 4.88, sunlight is 4 for 5$, maxwell house is 6.99. Pampers and Huggies are 9.88. Some good deals on food too, Cheerios are 1.99, butter is 2.99.

Usually on 20x the points days you get at least 25% of the total back in points – so those deals are even sweeter!!

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  1. How did everyone do at Shopper’s Drugmart today? We went and teamed up and spent about 190$ total, and got about 60$ in points back….which will be worth a lot more on redemption weekend. Stocked up on razors, laundry soap, dish soap, paper towels, sugar, cereal etc.

  2. Oh I think I did awesome 🙂 I spent 135 and got almost 34000 points… many good deals…. Got lots of laundry,tuna,soup,peanut butter, butter… There is a funny picture out there 🙂 with me standing by the cart with stuff piled up as tall as i am…(But their carts are tinY) 🙂

  3. Oh and they have new machines so on ur bill now it says how much u save…. Unless I haven’t noticed that before…. I saved 123 yay
    Hope everyone has a good shop

  4. why does SDM have these one day sales?? It is makes the store so busy, it is always on a weekend. I would much prefer some good sales on weekdays.

    • Sometimes they have 15x during the week, they used to. The saturday only or sunday monday deals are always crazy. We just went back for more at our other store and they had 1 cashier! And the line up was super long. Everyone had carts full of paper towels and butter.

  5. Did anyone find the Multibionta anywhere? Those are so hard to find, both stores we went to had the large sizes fully stocked, but absolutely no 30’s. Is someone buying them all up, or are they just not stocking them?

  6. In the north main street (riverbend) SDM, the multibionta are in 2 locations, in the back corner with all the vitamins, and then I found a shelf space on another isle with vitamins. They were totally out of the 30’s, but I was looking at the 60’s and found a 30, so I got lucky. I found one so I didn’t ask staff if they had more in the back.
    They will give out rainchecks for things, valid for 30 days, so you can hope for another 20x the points day and hope they’ll be stocked again.

  7. I finally tried my first BP event. I didn’t too bad for a first time, I think. I was a bit rushed as the store was busy (next time I am going midnight shopping LOL)
    Forgot to grab a gift card first, couldnt find some stuff but I was there for food items too so was able to more than make up the $50.
    I got about 21000 in BP’s, spent about $90 and saved $61 and used $15.00 in coupons
    Next time though I am going to try to only buy the $50. and use more coupons and hopefully more BP products I got the Colgate for 500 BP. Crest was sold out, no A&H soap left ( I only had 1 coup for that) Still bought some Purex as its my favorite and 2.99 is still a great price. ( so not coups left for that)
    No Multibiontas
    But still pretty good for a first try. Thanks everyone for your advice between here and smartcanucks I have saved a lot.

    • I like to try 2 stores – do smaller shops at both. That way can hit up more clearance and things like that. Was lucky at our local store to find quite a few things we needed on clearance. Midnight shopping can be fun, I like it because it’s not as busy (though it’s getting busier)and then you’re done and free for the day. We were home before 1am so it wasn’t horrible. Though I must be getting old because I passed out on the couch yesterday at around 5pm, which never happens! 🙂 The midnight shop is a fun girls night out!

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