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1 Sep

McGavin’s has a new coupon up on facebook – 1$ for a loaf of short dated bread. Perfect timing for back to school sandwiches! I love McGavin’s, you never know what you’ll find in the short dated, bread, bagels, wraps etc.  The coupon is a printable so you can use a bunch at once. We usually go about once a month and fill the freezer, great way to save some $$$! What is your favourite thing to find in the short dated section? Mine is anything from the Dempster’s Ancient Grains line, but their wraps are my absolute fave! (with sunbutter and crofter’s jam)

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  1. I love the new Silver Hills Squirelly bread they have. It’s in the more expensive discount pile so it’s 2$ a loaf but it’s well worth it. I would pay $5 in a grocery store for the same bread. That’s a HUGE savings. I also like the whole wheat and ancient grains wraps.

    • I forgot they had the Silver Hills now – will be stocking up on that too, that is some good bread! 🙂 2$ is amazing, it’s crazy expensive at a regular store.

      • I just saw it at Costco today. I can’t remember how much but it was 2 loaves together and definately cheaper than superstore:)

  2. Just a heads up that you only are only required to give one coupon for your entire order!!! I hit up the McPhillips location this week and they allowed me to use the coupon and pay for my purchase with my Groupon (***Just a reminder, they expire in 2 weeks if you have some left)… 15 loaves of bread/buns/garlic toast/bagels and wraps for 7$ OOP!!!! START THE CAR!!!!:)

    • I guess it totally makes sense, would be an awful waste of paper. Glad to hear they’re doing it that way! You got some good stuff!

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