Safeway Monday Twitter Meal Deal – ice cream is back!

29 Sep

Another great deal from Safeway – super easy to get too! Pick up the items as shown in the picture and at the checkout you can either read out or show them plu#.

chocolate Remember this deal is for today only – so don’t wait!

This is a really great deal, just the frozen meal or the ice cream alone are worth the price! And glad they brought back the 2L chocolate milk, and the ice cream! Think this is my favourite deal that they offer.

What kind of meal deals do you wish they had? What would be your perfect combo?

Don’t forget to share this deal with friends and family – it’s valid at Safeway’s cross Canada!

8 Replies to “Safeway Monday Twitter Meal Deal – ice cream is back!

  1. So glad they’ve stopped with the Pelligrino carbonated water. I tried it and it tastes terrible. Glad they finally give us something healthier to drink.

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