SampleSource is live!

30 Sep

If you love free samples, make sure to go check out SampleSource! A few times a year they have samples available – today there are 13. Things like shampoo and toothpaste, mints, tea and more.

I find these are great to pass along to family or to donate to charities. There are so many sites like this, gives you a chance to try new products but if they’re not a good fit you can always find them a new home.

This is one takes just a few minutes – you need to make an account, then they ask you questions like if you have a teen in the house, what kind of hair etc. The answers don’t seem to matter much, I said we don’t use dishwasher tabs and they still offered them to me – I love passing those along to my grandma so I always take them when it comes up. Some of the samples are pretty neat, and always fun to receive a box of free stuff in the mail.

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