Safeway Monday Twitter Deal for Monday March 16th 2015!

16 Mar

Another Monday – another twitter deal! They’ve had these deals for a year now – and every week we’ve gotten an extra special deal…wonder what those savings would add up to?

If you haven’t gotten a monday deal yet, when you go to Safeway just get the items as shown in the picture – at checkout you can show them the plu# on your phone, print it out, or use self checkout and put it in the plu# yourself.


Today’s deal is a 2 litre milk and a Saute Sensations for $5. Not the most exciting deal, but  an easy one. Nice that you can get several types of milk too.

Remember this deal is for today only – and while supplies last. Make sure to share it with friends and family and check back next week for another great Safeway deal!

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