Red River Ex in #Winnipeg – Family Pack Giveaway!!

20 May

red river ex winnipegThe Red River Ex is one of my favourite times of year in Winnipeg!! This year it runs from June 13th to 22nd. We love going as a family, not only as there are a lot of fun rides and games, but also because there are so many shows and attractions you can easily spend an entire day there. We usually go early on opening day and stay til dinner time – everyone has a blast and it’s usually a lot less busy then too.

Ticket prices this year are the exact same price as last year – advanced gate admission is only $9 and kids 6 and under are free. If you buy your tickets or passes in advance at Mac’s and Sobeys you can really save a lot.

Free admission: Sunday, June 15 & Sunday, June 22 from 10:30 am to 11:30 am (includes free pancake breakfast) with a donation to Red River Ex Foundation and on Sunday, June 22 there is also a special Kids’ Ride-All-They-Want Wristband for only $12 (Kiddieland rides only) which can be purchased upon arrival at the Park.

Here are some of the highlights for this year:

1. Red River Heritage Park – brand new reenactment area of 1824 featuring The Ross Family.

2. Animals & Agriculture: Pig Tales, Cattle Tales, Red River Ride of Rides (Friday, June 13 – Sunday, June 15) and the Continental Stock Dog Championship (Friday, June 20 – Sunday, June 22)

3. iFlip should be a really great family show.

4. Prairie Town Adventures – lots of great family fun including new kids’ contests and a new Agriculture Magic Show.

5. Nine days of concerts that are FREE with gate admission and one new Internet Cat Video festival, also FREE.

One of my favourites is if you get there before 5pm it’s only $5 to get in Friday, June 13th and Monday June 16th to Friday, June 20th!

There are many ways to save when heading to the Ex – I think checking out the site, and planning out what shows you want to see is a good way to start. Pre-buying tickets is a huge savings too so check out their site for all of the info! My tips are to wear comfy shoes for the whole family as you usually end up walking back and forth, tight fitting hats for the kids so they don’t fall off when they’re on the rides, lots of sunscreen and prepack some snacks or a meal. We usually bring a big container of fruit with us – a little bit of healthy with the treats we just can’t resist when we are there! I can’t pass up lemonade and mini donuts – those are my weakness πŸ™‚

And I’m super excited to announce that I have a Red River Ex Family Pack to give away! A Family Pack consists of 4 gate admissions
and two 12 Ride Passes!

Here are your ways to enter:

1 – Check out the events at the Red River Ex this year and comment with which you’d most want to check out

2 – Follow Red River Ex on twitter and comment that you did so

3 – Comment with either who you’d want to take and why, or a favourite memory of the Ex!

4 – Post the link to this giveaway as your facebook status and comment that you did so

5 – Tweet out the link to this giveaway and comment that you did so – you can earn a daily entry for this one!

This giveaway open to anyone who will be around from June 13th to 22nd 2014 to attend the Ex in Winnipeg. This giveaway ends Friday May 30th at noon – Good Luck everyone!

293 Replies to “Red River Ex in #Winnipeg – Family Pack Giveaway!!

  1. I am very excited to see some new family entertainment, the iFlip show looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun. I’m really looking forward to seeing it with my family!

  2. Hubby and I would love to take our kids — we have never gone with them; but we love to go almost every year

  3. I would love to take my two kids (and husband), they love seeing the Ex but have never been on rides there.

  4. I have not been able to attend for the last few years because of health, would love to be able to go this year, just to walk around and see the quilts and other contests

  5. my favorite memory of the Ex is, by far, the day I got married standing in front of the Ferris Wheel. The Ex is definitely my favorite place on the planet, and I’d love to take my kiddos this year!

  6. I would take my boyfriend Kevin and our friends Chantel & Dustin! They have helped out a lot as we have been getting our land ready for trees so we all need some fun! I basically go for the mini donuts and ferris Wheel πŸ™‚

  7. I myself haven’t gone in over 10 years, would love to take my 3 year old daughter for her for a first time experience there! & of course the petting zoo, she would have a blast being around all the animals!

  8. I would love to go see Monster Truck(band)
    i liked Red River Ex on Twitter and twitted this giveaway!
    i posted giveaway on Facebook also!
    and i just love going to the Ex with my Husband and 2 boys πŸ™‚ we love the games, and i love getting a airbrush tattoo πŸ™‚

  9. Our Daughter saves up every year to buy her wristband. She is 7 and talks about the rides all year long. Daddy took her on the Crazy Mouse for the first time last year & videotaped her reaction – that was one of my favorite memories! Would love to take my family & her best friend!

  10. Oh my gosh, I would love to see the Red River Heritage Park (for me), Magical Moments (with the kids), Pirates, Midway Market, the list goes on.. it looks amazing!!!!

  11. I would love to take my 2 daughters, 9 and 5 – they’ve never been, and there is something for each of them – the wild one would love all the rides, and the diva would love all the princesses and shopping!!!

  12. I love seeing my kids enjoy the Ex. This is the first year my littlest guy will be joining us, and I think he’s going to have a ball!!

  13. Kids favorite ride last year was the Niagara falls. That’s the one the are talking about the most for this year. Like the animals as well! It over all fun.
    Shared on facebook! πŸ™‚

  14. I’d want to take my hubby and my parents. My hubby has never been to the Ex, so this would be a great first time. And we’d get mini donuts.

  15. I’d take my husband and kids, my youngest (3) has been talking about the rides since last year and can’t wait to go again!

  16. I would love to take my daughter and 2 boys! Its the only rides we look forward to every year. They love to ride the rides over and over!!! Shared on Facebook πŸ™‚

  17. Hoping to take my 3 kids to the Ex this year. They love riding the kiddie rides and seeing the animals at the petting zoo !

  18. I would like to go with my kids for the rides, and with my husband to see one of the great concerts! Shared on Facebook… πŸ™‚

  19. My favorite memory of the Red River Ex is going every year as a family. We would stay from open to close, my dad would play all the games and win my brother and I stuffed animals, we would stop for mini donuts, and have fun on the rides until the gates closed. Now that I have a son of my own, I will be taking him every year as well and making it a family tradition in our little family too. Thanks Red River Ex for generations of happy memories and fun!

  20. I would love to bring my kids, husband left last year and would like to share some fun times with my kids I think they deserve some time with just Mommy.

  21. I used to love going on all the rides, now my favorite thing would have to be the free concerts and all the food carts!

  22. I would love to take my kiddos. I know as a child the agricultural displays were always my favourite. Well, that and the french fires and mini donuts too.
    Checked out the Ex’s FB page and shared the post on FB as well.

  23. My daughters have been being to go to the Ex for years, but with for kids we felt it’s too pricey. Thanks for you’re tips… We’ll use them, but if I won your prize, I’d take my 13 and 14 year old daughters for their first time!

    • We have 7 kids so going to the ex is really not affordable.i used to go as a child every year and would love to give my kids the experience. Love the water roller kids would have a blast if you were to pick our family.thanks

  24. My girls love the animals in the petting zoo, and my son is into pirates so they’d enjoy those the most. We also enjoy the ferris wheel as a family.

  25. I would like to take my partner, daughter, and son because they laugh at all my jokes even when I’m not funny or acting silly…They are number 1 in my world. My best memory of the Ex is when my parents asked me to help them watch my little brother. 5mins latter, I lost him. I thought I was gonna get in so much trouble. I searched high and low, and finally found him watching some guy arm wrestling a robotic muscle man machine. I was so thrilled to find him.

  26. I want to take my daughter Myra and son Merrick because Its so awesome seeing the look on their faces!

  27. I’d take my 3 kids. We moved put of Winnipeg but the Ex is one of those things we’ll come back for every year.

  28. I would take my husband and 2 boys. They are 8 & 5 and have never been to the Ex. I remember when the Ex was in St. Norbert – we lived near by and we would walk there. Some great times. would love to give my kids that as well.

  29. 3. Would take our family of 3 and likely our niece, she loves the little rides and spending time with her cousin!

  30. my children would love to see the different attractions. I have a 13 yr old, almost 4 year old and 1 year old. There is so much diversity and I love that! We have not gone yet so those would be an amazing opportunity! Shared on Facebook.

  31. Shared on FB, followed on Twitter, posted on Twitter. I love all of the rides and the mini donuts. I haven’t been in years so I would love to go again and take my nephew and neice.

  32. I followed on twitter. Shared on facebook and twitter. I would love to take my children who are growing up and my littlest one hasn’t gone to the EX and the look on his little face would be the best, my children would be the happiest and they’re growing up so I wanna share this memory with them while they’re still young. I’d love to see all the rides and the mini donuts my children love.

  33. I would take my 4 year old for the rides.
    Hubby for the corn dogs and myself for the concerts and mini donuts

  34. I would love to take my son & daughter on the 22nd for the kids special. Sounds fun & I haven’t taken them ever.

  35. I would love to take my kids for their first time! When I was a kid, my mom would take a day off of work every year (I still remember when it used to be by Polo Park!) and take me and my brother. We’d spend the entire afternoon there and buy fries for supper. And I also remember when I was dating my now husband, and we took an evening to go on some rides, play games and eat junk. πŸ˜‰

  36. Favourite memory is seeing my son’s face when he realized he was big enough to go on the Swings of the Century (while mommy silently freaked out because he still looked so little on them)

  37. Followed on twitter! and would love to take my GF who I’m trying to convert to a country music fan! Gord Bamford!!!

  38. I used to love to go as a kid with my dad. My daughter is 8 and has never been. I would love to make this a family memory for her and her step-siblings – our family thing.

  39. I would take my kids and husband. It’s a tradition that we go to the pancake breakfast every year

  40. My favorite memories of the ex is going with my BFF for the food! We’d plan out whole day in 45min food breaks! Mini donuts, pretzels, deep fried chocolate bars, pizza, lemonade, candy apples, bison burgers! Wed be so disgustingly full after but oh so happy!!
    This year is be taking my daughter, she would love all the animal shoes and the petting zoo!

  41. I have shared on FB.

    We would love to go…we have gone in years past…by alas we can not go this year unless we get some free tickets…I have 3 foster girls and can NOT afford to take them this year πŸ™

  42. I would love to take my family! We have never been to the Ex as a family and I remember having such a great time as a child.

  43. I Tweeted and I shared the link on Facebook.
    I want to take my family. We didn’t go last year and the kids are already asking about this year!

  44. Would love to see Pirates!!

    I haven’t been to the Ex in years and would love to take the kids. Favorite memory of the Ex is the food. Mmmm….

    Followed on Twitter

  45. I would take my partner and my 2 cousins. I have been living away in Alberta for a year and it would be such a great time to be able to take them and spend the day enjoying family and having fun!

  46. I’d love to take my niece and nephews. I’ve never been to the Ex, and would love to experience it with them!

  47. I would take my family, and my daughter would love the big slides Again, and Again and Again, and Again… (you get the idea!)

  48. I would love to take my daughter Desirae as she is now 8 years old, and will finally be tall enough to enjoy all the adult rides

  49. I followed you on twitter and basicall just spammed you with tweets. *I wont give up*
    Those tickes are my lovers. :’) my family wants to go. (takitaxox) twitter

  50. I’m always a fan of the farm and animal exhibits – and now with a 1 yr old – that will be a lot of fun πŸ™‚

    Also looking forward to the CKC Meet the Breeds booth, but more because my wife and one of our dogs will be participating in it!

  51. I would love to take my boys. I had the opportunity to take them for the first time last year and they couldn’t stop talking about it. They had so much fun even though we got poured on. Would love to see the I-Flip show.

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