Red Plum flyer insert

10 Sep

RedPlum was in this week’s flyers and today’s delivered Free Press – if anyone sees it in the paper at a store post up where in case anyone wants to get some extras! 🙂 Here’s what’s included:

Save 1$ when you buy 2 Arm and Hammer laundry products, bunch of oxiclean, 2$ off pediasure, bunch of glade coupons, 1$ off Paul Newman products, 1$ off Bluewater….not much there

3 Replies to “Red Plum flyer insert

  1. Hey we went out and got the paper today for coupons and there were none. $2 down the drain, very disappointing. Where do you find them? We bought ours at Esso.

  2. And don’t forget that you will find a coupon for a free Sunday WFP in the Saturday paper – it has been in the Saturday paper every week since the new Sunday edition began. It is on page C10 today but sections vary week to week.

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