Garage Sale/Giveaway day deals?

10 Sep

Did anyone get anything amazing today at garage sales, or even luckier during the free giveaway day?

We hit up some garage sales this morning in Island Lakes – it was nuts! People and cars everywhere, but it was a lot of fun. My favourite find was a kids Headbandz game for 1$ – the 3 of us played two rounds of it already and it was really fun! Also found a lite brite set for my daughter with refills – brings back a lot of memories!!! We didn’t go to many garage sales this summer so today was a great day to go!

We did see some neat stuff for free driving around, someone had 6 working appliances, lots of furniture – mostly little odds and ends. I don’t think there was as much stuff out as the last time, not in our area at least. Which areas did people find have the most, or the best? Time to brag….what did you guys find? 🙂

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  1. We also went to the Island Lakes area garage saling. I would agree it was crazy, but we mostly took the little roads that lead away from the main streets, so much quieter and I found better selection(less picked over). My son got grumpy rather quickly so we didn’t stay too long, but I did get a grocery bag full of clothes for him for $15! All brand names too! Didn’t see too much that was good for give-away, just the usual stuff like old tv units, etc.

  2. We were able to give away a bunch of things, and yesterday we found a small garbage can and a table top that fits perfectly on my old one to give me more work space! Today, we found a small shelving unit, another garbage can (can you tell I make a mess when I sew?), and a hard kiddie pool. The kids are over the moon! 🙂

  3. @ Island Lks garage sale I got my daughter a monster huge doll house in immaculate condition and an imaginarium table(two drawers)and about 100 pieces(trains, cars, traintracks, building, people etc)
    Just today a neighbour had a plastic booster seat/stepstool combo at the curb perfect for my little man.

  4. Not too much going on in my area and I wasn’t going to drive around all over the place for the chance at free stuff. However I did get 2 mirrors and 4 pot lights that for my “in the process of renovations” basement. A few odds and ends stuff was picked up as well but the mirrors and lights were the big find.
    I also managed to get rid of 1 storm door, 1 interior door and 1 sink. Less for me to haul to the dump!

  5. I know I’m late at replying, but I LOVE the giveaway weekend. Last time I scored a snowblower! The woman was just putting it out and so I asked if she was sure she wanted to give it away and did it work (she said yes, best for light snow)… time before that we got one of those really tall standalone basketball nets

    This time this was my haul:
    Antique suitcase
    Crystal vase
    Like new bulletin/white out board (lrg)
    Bowls from Africa maybe?
    Lrg plant stand (needs some tlc)
    Rolling covered recycle bin like new
    Glass shelves
    2 big boxes of books
    Candlelight brass candleholders
    other miscellaneous…
    Best score – Playstation and PS2 (owner was putting them out at the time and said they work just fine, haven’t got games to put in them yet and test but all the pieces are there)

    We have got so many wonderful things that at this point we try to make sure we put out good/useful things as well.

    • You definitely got a good haul! 🙂 Nice to keep things out of landfills too – I love putting stuff out knowing it will find a good home. Good luck with the playstation, that’s pretty cool!

      • Thanks Nadine! I think we’re very lucky to live in a city where we can be generous and take advantage of generosity! Many other cities aren’t as giving as ours!

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