Pinball and Arcade Games at the Forks!

1 Feb

If you’re looking for something fun and different to do, check out the new video game section at the Forks.

It’s there until March 31st (hopefully stays longer) and it’s pretty neat! It’s on the side where the Pancake House is, just at the opposite end – past the candy store, wine store etc.

It’s open during Forks hours and  there’s change machines there. You can change bills into loonies – and then loonies into quarters. All the games are from 25 cents to 1 dollar. Good variety of games too, there’s quite a few pinball games, Dance Dance revolution, some classic games too. I like that there’s newer pinball games, and some pretty old ones. There’s Wheel of Fortune, Star Trek, Bust a Move, Addams Family and many more!

Fun way to spend a bit of time – not crazy expensive, and great for all ages!

****UPDATE – As of Nov. 2019 it’s still up and running and there’s some new games too.

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