The Old House Revival Company in Winnipeg

3 Feb

If you’re looking for some antiques or vintage items, want to do some projects or just want to look for ideas, the Old House Revival Company is really fun to go check out!

It’s downtown, but they do have a lot with some free parking stalls.

They’re open every day too – Monday to Saturday it’s 10-5 and Sundays it’s 12-5.

It’s several floors and a basement of stuff – it’s a lot to look at so many sure to put aside enough time to do so.

Prices were surprising to us – almost everything is super cheap for those kinds of items. Lots of artwork, furniture, dishes, cookware, super old stuff, newer stuff – even clothing. The vintage wedding area was really neat too.

It’s set up nicely too – lots of little areas, but no vendors or anyone talking to you nonstop – was really pleasant actually. Just enough employees.

So many cool ideas too for personalized gifts – there’s lots of older books, games and knick knacks. Also fun to see how many things you had there growing up… geting old! 🙂

I don’t know if you’d want to do the whole store with super young kids, some areas are tight with lots of breakables and the air is a little funky in some spots – but after a certain age they do like to look at that kind of stuff – without breaking things of course.

If you haven’t been yet, totally worth going to check out – especially on a cold day! They’re at 324 Young street.


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