Old Navy $1 Flip Flop Sale is coming up!

25 Jun

Women's Classic Flip-Flops - Robbie RedOn July 4th it’s the highly anticipated Flip Flop Sale at Old Navy’s across Canada!

All the plain flip flops are $1 – not the fancier kinds 🙂

There’s a limit of 4 per person and there’s usually a lot of stock. Perfect time to stock up on flip flops for the whole family.

Great to wear but also perfect to have spares for the lake or cottage, to keep spares in the car for those just in case moments (like if you fall in a mud pit wearing your runners) but also to donate. Homeless shelters always need flip flops – communal showers, summer footwear for people etc.  Keep that in mind if you’re going and not picking up your limit.

You can also do all kinds of neat crafts with these – people make neat flip flop wreaths, you can decorate them with a flower on top, wrap ribbon around them, get kids to paint or personalize them etc.

We always like to pick up a few for the adults, and buy several sizes up for the kiddo – never run out of flip flops that way.

Make sure to mark this one on your calendar.

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