Cirque du Soleil #Varekai in #Winnipeg

25 Jun

1web1Cirque du Soleil Varekai opened in Winnipeg last night.

I got the chance to go yesterday afternoon to check out some practice and see a bit of the backstage area and it was really neat. It’s pretty much like what you’d imagine – total professionals focused on their work. The swings were amazing as you can see in the collage – and at night time there’s no safety cords at all!

There’s so much happening behind the scenes – they travel with a whole team who fixes costumes, repairs shoes, takes care of everything that catches your eye. You can imagine how much wear and tear those costumes go through, there’s 3 versions of each one for that.

DSC_0101  It was pretty neat to see how much work and time really goes into all those amazing costumes.

The show at night was great – mindblowing! There’s just so much happening that you’re constantly entertained, but it’s well done that you’re not pulled in too many directions. You always know what to look at.

If you’re sitting on the floor, expect some up close entertainment and you might just get pulled up on stage!

The show lasts 2 hours, including a twenty minute intermission.

DSC_0820  The show is great for the whole family – my 9 year old really enjoyed it, and so did my mom and I.

There’s such a big variety – dancing, acrobatic acts, juggling etc.  There’s really something for everyone and almost too much to remember after. You can really tell that these people have perfected their crafts and this is the top level for this kind of show.

The music is great too – a live band the entire time and it really keeps you in the zone of the story as they change scene to scene. That really added to it for me – wishing I remembered to pick up the cd! They have some neat souvenirs, you can get masks and some really neat tshirts and more.

There are still several shows happening in Winnipeg and tickets are available on Ticketmaster.

I’ve got to admit that the 3 of us didn’t quite understand the entire story – but it really didn’t matter. It all sort of made sense, worked together and it was great anyway.

If you’re on the fence about going, go! You really won’t regret it, and it’s such a rare chance to get to see such an amazing show in Winnipeg.


Thanks to Angelle Holmes from AH! Photos for the amazing pictures!

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