November Snackbox and special promo code!!

23 Nov

november  Another month, another great assortment of Snacks from Snackbox! 🙂

This month we got to try out all kind of neat things. I love how it’s just the craziest assortment every month, it’s like a dream box of snacks! It’s always fun to open and see what everyone goes for first, and then reading all about them after.

Here’s what was included in the November box:

– Arora Creations Gobi spice – make your own snack with this spice mix, for cauliflower or potatoes etc. Neat idea and something new for us to try.

– Enerjive Quinoa Skinny Crackers – these are gluten free and a great option for those with allergies. We are big crackers fans in our house and it’s always fun to try new ones, love that it’s quinoa too, so different!

– Teas’ Tea – Super healthy drink, sweetened with natural cane sugar. It’s a mix of green tea and real fruit juice – great drink option!

– Bella Viva Orchards Pear Slices – boy, did these ever wow my 7 year old! Dried whole pear slices, they look super cool and are really tasty. Nothing added at all, great idea for school lunches – I even think they’d look great on desserts too.

– Cocolico Toffee Coconut Dark Chocolate – yum,yum,yum! Always love a good high quality chocolate and this totally fit the bill!

– La Fourmi Fruit and Nut Medley – this I tore into and hid it from the family! So tasty and fun, lots of neat things in there! Great idea for an on the go snack, I really wish I had this to snack on during our last trip! Healthy but tasty and super filling.

– Lara Bar – I’ve always loved these, and this was a mommy treat of course! I shared a bit with the kiddo, but I eat these all the time and was thrilled to get an extra one. Remember to leave one in the car in your emergency kit – or many I guess depending on how many people you travel with. Lots of energy in there!

– Sensible Portions Veggie Straws – these are super cool! Made with real potatoes and flavoured with tomatoes and spinach. A healthy treat disguised for kids as just a neat snack.

– My smoothie Green – This is an amazing mix of healthy stuff, mango, guava, spinach, nettle, wheatgrass, broccoli and green tea – you wouldn’t think it would work, but it does! Super healthy boost, and easy to take on the go.

– Pirate’s Booty Cheese puffs – Kiddo and I wolfed these down, bag was empty before we knew it! So yummy and fun to eat – I love that the flavouring is light, tasty but not super overpowering.

– True to Nature Hemp Protein Bar – my daughter loves these as an afterschool snack, full of hemp hears and protein, really boosts her back up after a busy day. Also great to leave in the car for emergencies!

Snackbox also has a very cool deal for xmas gifts – you can buy a 1, 3 or 6 month subscription without renewal, so makes a perfect gift! It’s a great gift idea for pretty much anyone who likes to eat! 🙂 I love that every month is different so you will really wow that person, and they’ll think of you every month! Great for family that lives far away, to send to a friend or family member for a family movie night (give them a few movies at xmas and tell them to wait each month for the box!) – I think even seniors would really enjoy this. Who doesn’t love a surprise every month?

november codeIt’s fun too because you can send healthy stuff to people, but not boring healthy stuff. Everyone will enjoy it, and you can feel good about it too!

And don’t forget to use my special promo code to save $15 off your 1st order!!

You can also share this post to hint to friends and family that you’d love this for xmas! 🙂



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