Northern Explorer Month at Assiniboine Zoo

30 Jan

From Sunday January 31st to Sunday March 1st at the Assiniboine Zoo, if you pay for a regular priced admission you can come back as much as you want until the end of the promotion!

Such a great idea if you’ve been looking for things to do with the family – there’s so much to see at the Zoo that a few visits would be perfect.

They also have special events at certain times, so with the free admission you can even go back just for those!

You have to buy the admission at the Zoo entrance – not online and it’s not transferable.

This could be a great money saver – especially for those with kids not in school yet or homeschooled kids, you could go quite often. With school aged kids you’d have to plan to go on weekends since the Zoo isn’t open very late during the week.

Check out their site for all the special events – good way to plan it out and see if it works for you. And there’s no risk either, if you don’t end up going back all you paid for was your regular admission to start with so it’s a great idea!

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