Target Winnipeg Update

30 Jan

target one  There’s a lot of rumours going around today – but no, sorry. Target in Winnipeg hasn’t started their liquidation yet.

There are a few racks of clothing from 30-50% off – which is actually less than they normally have.  Target has always had a lot of odd sections of clearance and some great deals to be found. Today, not so much unless you’re looking for very specific items. Mostly toys – that section was about half cleaned out and employees are actually emptying some rows and moving the small amount left to another row.

There are many, many sections that are totally emptied out. There’s no more baking, the seasonal section is gone, lots of rows are missing shelves which is something I’ve never seen before.

If you’re looking for a specific Target only item, such as their Archer Farms brand items I’d suggest you go soon. None of these were on sale, but there were barely any left. A few pizzas, a tiny selection of trail mix which is what I went for. And really watch the dates, several of the trail mixes left are dated Feb. 2nd – in case you were planning on stocking up.

One thing that I noticed is that we didn’t get a Target flyer this week – and that there didn’t seem to be any regular sales going on.

target two  Nothing at all that I saw in the small appliance section was on sale.

There’s only a few items throughout the store with red tags left – apart from the toys and a bit of clothes.

Mostly it’s just getting emptied out. There was a really sad vibe to the store – most people we saw walked out without buying anything. The Starbucks is closed also.

Not too sure when liquidation is starting, could be any day I guess but from what I saw today, there won’t be much to liquidate and they never really have said how it will go. For the appliance section, is it all being sold to a liquidation company? The Fermor location today looked like it could close at any minute, with what’s left in the store and the purchases I saw made there’s not much of a point of them being open much longer.

My friend Sheri from This Birds Day has noticed some similarities in Edmonton, check out her update on Target stores in Edmonton and see if it’s the same as where you are.

What have you noticed at other Winnipeg locations? When do you think liquidation will start and do you think they’ll be sending a lot of it away first? What are your thoughts on this whole Target fiasco? And what’s the best rumour you’ve heard so far?

***Update – the word on the street now is that liquidation will start Thursday, from several sources. Not sure exactly what their liquidation will be – stay tuned for more!

5 Replies to “Target Winnipeg Update

  1. I was at the Grant Park location today and there were very few shoppers and no real sales other than a few clearance racks of clothes.

  2. KP location had food, paper items and a fair amount of pretty much everything, except clothing/Jewellery when I went Thursday. No big sales, toys were mostly all I saw on clearance and whatever was left of men/women’s clothing was mostly 30-50% off.

  3. Word on the street is approximately 40 of Target’s stores are no longer receiving freight and will see no replenishment. Once they’re sold through, that’s it for those locations!

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