Meat recall – how did it affect you?

23 Sep

There has been so many ground beef products recalled in the past few weeks, and it seems like every day there’s something new added to the list. Did you have meat from this recall? We had none left in the fridge, so assuming we ate it all. I always cook store meat very well done so I’m not too worried, and none of us were sick. It is scary how it seems like almost all the ground beef in Canada is coming from one location though.

So, is this recall going to affect your shopping choices from now on? Will you change the way your family eats – less meat, less ground beef – will you be switching to something else instead? Our family eats a lot of beef – but I will be rethinking where we purchase it from now, and definitely keeping track of where and when we bought it. I often repackage our meat right away, probably a good idea to write down the original info just in case. I don’t panic about these types of recalls anymore – seems like there are so many of them, and usually on veggies too….


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  1. I used to work in the meat packing industry many, many years ago. XL Foods is a HUGE supplier of beef trim (used in ground beef, patties and for further processed foods). They box this trim, made from hundreds of animals, in huge 2000lb containers. A large processing plant will grind it all together with other cuts and chances are fair that there will be contamination – cook this “industrial” type beef at nothing less than well done. You certainly could buy your meat from a small butcher shop; you’re hoping that the public health inspector has done a thorough inspection which is what is also supposedly done at the large packing plants. Your best bet as an omnivore is to buy your own meat grinder, chose quality cuts and be fanatical with your hygiene as you make your own ground beef.

    • Wow – didn’t realize it was that big! yuck! Making your own ground beef at home sounds like a good idea, and I know I’ve seen meat grinders for really cheap lately – maybe people are getting back to doing that. Thanks for the info!

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