Chicken Soup for the Soul – Boost your Brain Power – Review and Giveaway!

24 Sep

Are you finding your memory is getting worse, forgetting important stuff, maybe you’re not as sharp as you once were? 🙂 Happens to all of us, and the people at Chicken Soup for the Soul have come out with a great new book to deal with that, Boost Your Brain Power. I really like these new smaller guide type books, lots of great stories, but also a lot of helpful tips and advice. Best part is these are priced at $9.95 so very affordable for everyone.

This book helps you improve and energize your brain at any age! It can help improve your memory, reduce risk factors for dementia and Alzheimer’s, show you how eating right and exercising can help, even how to use meditation and tricks like that to unlock your true brain power!

2 lucky people will each be winning their own copy of this book! To enter, comment below, can be a memory tip, something you once forgot etc.

Contest open to all Canadians and will end Thursday Sept. 27th at noon – Good Luck to everyone!

14 Replies to “Chicken Soup for the Soul – Boost your Brain Power – Review and Giveaway!

  1. I need to input everything on my google calendar that is shared with my husband so we don’t forget anything or double book a day, but that’s mostly for him, I have everything written on my huge calendar on the fridge, also writing lists and posting them on the fridge or on the front door help 🙂

  2. I forget… did I enter this contest yet? 🙂

    I make lists to help me to remember. And calendar reminders – paper and electronic.

  3. I use the notes feature on my phone and use my electronic calendar at work, and a paper calendar at home for school / personal functions. But my memory sucks, I need tips bad.

  4. I love technogy these days! I always make paper lists of things we need, and my husband seems to always throw them out 🙁 I have a shopping app on my phone that is SO USEFUL in reminding me of things i need at home that normally doesn’t make it onto a shopping lists (Low on Basil for example).

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