Manitoba Culture Days 2015

15 Sep

Culture Days 2015 is coming up – this is a great one to mark on the calendar and plan in advance. It runs from Sept. 25th to 27th and there is so much to do that it takes a bit of time to figure out what you’d want to do!

There are activities spread out over the province – there’s 329 to choose from in Manitoba!

You can sort it out by the day, the town or city or just look up an event you’ve maybe heard of before. You can check the entire list on their site – there’s such a wide variety that it can really be overwhelming so make sure you have a few minutes to look through. There are activities like Honey Days, Henna Tattoos, all kinds of art exhibits, special films, meals and on and on and on. Great time to explore a new town, or check out some stuff in your area that sounds fun.

What kinds of activities have you checked out in prior years? Anything that you’d recommend?

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