Madison Square Safeway airmiles

19 Oct

Madison Square Safeway at Polo Park is still having their awesome airmiles deal – spend 100$ get 150 airmiles, spend 200$ get 300 airmiles! It’s on right now – and back on friday too. I went this morning, spent my 200$ and tax (grabbed halloween candy to make up for tax!) and got 600 airmiles! Yay! I had planned on more, but their chicken wings expired soon and not all the kids tylenol was part of the promo. They had next week’s airmiles deals and the bonus coupon out – there’s a cereal deal for buy 5 get 100 airmiles and a dairy promo for buy 5 get 50 airmiles. Good week to cash in those 6$ cheese coupons as they’re part of the promo! That store is awesome, big aisles, super clean and our cashier was excellent! A pleasant lady who knew her stuff, and was not phased by my 50$ in coupons! 🙂  For us it was well worth the 15 minute drive! What do you guys think? Has anyone else been doing that too? Or are you lucky and live close by and get the flyers for that store?

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  1. I live near that store and am constantly geting flyers about mega airmiles giveaways. I have yet to take advantage of them really as we’re a family of two, so we don’t spend much on groceries.

  2. I love this – they did it at the River store a few years ago and I netted 1,000 airmiles over the course of a couple weeks.

    I wonder why they have this at this location – is the store needing more customers perhaps? It is a nice store but I still miss when it was in the mall.

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