Carter’s OshKosh opening

18 Oct

New store opening up on route 90/kenaston – an oshkosh Carter’s store – are they together? I haven’t driven by in a while, but have been getting a lot of emails about this. Also heard they are doing 20% off for their grand opening….true or not? If anyone goes today post up all the details – I’m curious to see what the prices will be like.

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  1. They are in one location. It is in the same parking lot as the home depot. Lots of reasonable prices, t-shirts starting at $7, jeans for $12.50, snowsuits with accesorries for $95. Lots of accessories as well. It is 20% off and should go for the whole week.

  2. I’m so glad we finally have a Carter’s store! I used to have to rely on the odd trip to the states or costco having the occasional outfit. For people familiar with the area – the store is in the old blockbuster location on kenaston. For those not familiar, it’s across from home depot, in the strip beside Sleep Country.

    The first half of the store has all the carter’s stuff – tons of cute long sleeve onesies $8 ea, pj outfits $10+, 3 piece outfits (jumper/hoodie, long sleeve onesie, tights/pants) for $16. Mind you I was only concentrating on the girl’s side! Winter coats with snow pants $80-95. The back half has all the Osh Kosh stuff (for kids up to 10 yrs). Lots of reasonable prices as Mandi mentioned – sweaters $16-24, graphic t’s $7, pants (khaki’s, cord’s) $10. Lots of accessories for little girl’s hair, tons of socks, bibs, very cute plush toys. About half a dozen types of runners for boys and girls. Xmas stuff was also out- ie. the pretty dresses for pics with Santa! I believe most of the prices are comparable to the ones I saw at the NYC outlet I was at during spring time so that was good.

    Store was well stocked – all sizes available. It’s decent enough to push a stroller in – mind you we had clothes hanging off both sides so we became sort of a ‘wide load.’ There are dressing rooms and a play area where kids can watch tv and play with the activity cube. I kind of wish they had an area where the kids can sit down like at gymboree. I suppose next time I will have to not bring my daughter in right after a busy afternoon at preschool!

    Sorry to be rambling but I was super psyched to go there and so glad that you mentioned it today Nadine! We found tons of stuff there for both my 17 month old and 4 year old girls. Apparently the store just opened today and the 20% discount will run till Oct 30. I asked the girls there about the frequent purchase card and they don’t think they will have one like in the states. Oh well, I signed up for their emails hoping that will lead to some coupons.

    So how can you tell I really like the store? =)

    • I love your review of the store! 🙂 Great info, and always good to know if there’s a kids area or not. I love that about Gymbo.

      • Me too! Gymbo is a genius for having that tv area – love that it’s at the back so the kids can’t go anywhere, usually boxed in by all the moms anyway! 😉 Makes such a difference, especially when you’re digging through the discount racks to not have a bunch of kids crowding it up.

        • Glad you guys liked my review! I totally agree with Gymbo being fabulous with their tv area. I guess I didn’t realize how amazing it was until we were at Carters!

  3. Oh boy I am super excited! I pretty much stick to transcona and polo park area and had no idea this was coming super glad you brought it up!
    Just a comment on the tv at gymboree, I never go in the store with kids because I find it way to crowed with a stroller and my 18mth old is a runner so wide ilses count for so much more to me (i do like how please mom has wide isles and a little play spot for my older 2).

  4. There is a kids club to sign up for. Just go to their canadian website, and it is near the bottom. It lets you know about certain deals and there is about 3 or 4 coupons per year for just the kids club members. It is not an overwhelming amount of emails like some stores can be!

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