Mabel’s Labels – Review and Giveaway

17 Oct

 I’m always shocked at school to see how many items get left behind – so many tables full of clothes and lunch supplies that just never find their home again. Imagine how much money is wasted like that, there’s things like ski pants, jackets, mitten, lunch containers etc. Adds up so quickly! We’ve been using Mabel’s Labels since before the kiddo was in school, and can’t think of anything we’ve ever lost. We label everything, shoes, jackets, backpack, all her lunch stuff – and also all the supplies we sent at the beginning of the year. I still have forks and spoons I labelled last year, and after about a zillion washes the labels are still there!! 🙂

Mabel’s Labels offers labels for everything and it’s a great way to get organized, but also to save money. It’s also really frustrating when a kid loses something – having to run out and replace it, or search through lost and found etc. to find it. My daughter has forgotten things at school but they always end up right back in her backpack the next day. Also great for when there’s a lot of kids with same items – easy to know which belongs to them.

One lucky person will be winning a Mabel’s Labels basic kit – it includes 24 skinny minis, 42 tag mates, 8 shoe labels and 2 bag tags. I love all the choices in designs, and it’s really fun for the kids to be able to personalize them too.

A few ways to enter to win this one:

1- Like Mabel’s Labels on facebook

2 – follow Mabel’s Label’s on twitter

3 – post link to this giveaway somewhere online, facebook status or group, tweet it out etc.

Make sure to comment seperately for each one. Giveaway open to all Canadians and will end Monday Oct. 22nd at noon! Good Luck everyone!

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  1. Liked them on Fb. My oldest daughter starts school next September & is starting a new daycare in 2 weeks, these would be so helpful!

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