Lux for Sprouts closed

24 Oct

Wanted to make sure that everyone had heard that Lux for Sprouts has closed down permanently – as of yesterday. Sad to hear.

If you were planning on attending the Dress up and Play parties there it has been cancelled. The store also said they will begin liquidating their stock soon so make sure to follow them on facebook or sign up for their newsletter to be kept in the loop.

8 Replies to “Lux for Sprouts closed

  1. Please notify me of the LUX FOR SPROUTS liquidation sale. I noticed that the store is empty as of November. Can you tell me where the store merchandise will be liquidated? Thanks a heap. 🙂 Cathie

  2. Just wondering when I can expect the refund for the prenatal class I registered for. I am sad to hear the store is closing, I am expecting my first child and loved your store, had hoped to purchase many items now that I am getting close to the end of my pregnancy. Are you selling your stock anywhere?

  3. Please notify me via email if you hear when the Lux for Sprouts liquidation sale is. I have an outstanding gift card from their store and I (as are alot of women, according to the Facebook link) are hoping that they will make the right and honourable decision to honour those gift cards….

  4. It is unfortunate the owners of Lux for Sprouts were not forthcoming in the details of their store closing. They declared bankruptcy in October, and didn’t just decide to close their store (as we are lead to believe from their Facebook messages). No liquidation was had, and no refunds of gift cards or classes.


    • There’s a lot of really unhappy people in Winnipeg for sure – I’m amazed at how many emails i still get about them, and how many times every single day people google it for info. They really surprised a lot of people, and unbelievable that there were no refunds etc.

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