Huge coupon giveaway!!

24 Oct

It’s been a while since we’ve had a coupon giveaway – I just got a bunch of great grocery coupons for basic staples and feel like sharing them! 🙂

Each winner will receive a nice envelope filled with real money savers at the checkout! Contest open to all Canadians and will end Monday Oct. 29th at noon. A few ways to enter for this one, make sure to comment seperately for each one.

1 – Comment with a money saving tip

2 – join our facebook group

3 – follow me on twitter

4 – post the link to this giveaway on your twitter or facebook (1 entry for each)

For this one I will do 1 winner for 1-99 entries, 3 winners for 100-199 entries, 6 winners for 200-299 entries and so on!! Good Luck to everyone!

94 Replies to “Huge coupon giveaway!!

  1. I use my PC Mastercard for all my purchases to earn points to use for groceries. I have collected in a little more than 1 year, over $1000 in free points to use at Superstore!!

  2. I also use my pc mastercard for everything and i try to only shop once a week, its those small trips that i end up buying unnecessary items

  3. Why keep buying drinkin glasses over and over – We re-use glass pasta jars as drinking glasses 🙂 handy especially with a clumsy husband and 3 kids!

  4. My money saving tip: don’t lose your coupons!! I forgot a whole envelope of coupons in my cart at Safeway by mistake, and by the time I realized it, they were long gone….

    • Leah, I know just how you felt. I was in Safeway about a month or so ago, and halfway through the store, my envelope of coupons was missing. I even retraced my steps but could not find it – went to Customer Service and left a note for them to call me if it was turned in. They did not call me, but when I went in to check the next day – it was at Customer Service!!! I now have my first name and cell number written on my envelopes of coupons, just on case it happens again. (I put coupons I know I am going to use in specific stores each week per the flyers in store envelopes, so would not have lost them all. But it was an awful feeling.)

      • Hi Leah:

        When I started to learn how to coupon last year – I put all my coupons in a red binder – I went to Canadian Tire and through my brand new coupon binder in the cart. The cart had a bad wheel and switched carts leaving my coupon binder full of coupons in the bad cart. I called Canadian Tire and went to customer service a few times but it was never returned. I just wasent used to carying a binder with me when I went shopping. But lesson learned and I know how you feel also.

  5. Hi:

    The best money saving tip is what I have learned from my new bff Catia – she taught me how to coupon and watch for sales – I have saved so much money this year and its fun –

    I now have an organized black binder to put in all my coupons.

    She also referred me to savemoneyinwinnipeg website and smart canucks.

    Another thing I do is stores where I shop I sign up for their customer cards and watch for sales.

    Thanks Nadine and Catia for all your help –

  6. I sign up for websites of company’s products that I use regularly so I get to see when they have deals on. I have also let everyone know that I am a coupon collector so that if they come across any and don’t use them they pass them on to me.

  7. Already part of this Facebook group. My tip is to join the many coupon groups on Facebook, people give you great tips…gives you an heads up on sales going on.

  8. My tip for buying organic at good prices: join Fresh Option Organic Delivery. Check it out online. I’ve been a member for over a year and get a box of really good quality fruits and vegetables delivered to my door every Tuesday night. I wish I had known about this wonderful group ages ago.

  9. Money-saving tip: Invest in energy conservation devices at home – they’ll more than pay for themselves:
    – low-flow shower heads and faucet aerators
    – pipe insulation for visible hot water pipes running from the hot water tank (start about 1 foot away a gas water heater, to avoid fire/melting risk)
    – weather stripping
    – caulking around windows and doors
    – window film for drafty/older windows in winter.
    – programmable thermostat, so you’re not overheating an empty house (put extra blankets on the bed, and save money on overnight heating too.)
    – power bars to turn remote-controlled equipment off when not in use.

  10. Only buy what you need and will use, that way you won’t spend money on thing you “think” you need since you have a coupon!

  11. GREAT ideas! Love these posts. My money saving idea….read these posts and put into action!

    Combine coupons and sales on products you will actually use. No point money out of pocket of you will not use the products.

  12. Coupons… Can’t use them if you don’t have them! I’ve learnt to never throw out a coupon until the expiry… Had never used any back medication in my life until I recently hurt my back. That 10$ Robax coupon I never threw out sure came in handy!

  13. Price match or shop at super store sinice they do the price matching for you already and definately coupons and don’t forget scanning code of pratice if the price comes up more on the register that at the shelf!

  14. money saving coupon coupon!! I dont know how much money I save on every trip to the grocery store,,I dont know why anyone wouldnt use coupons!

  15. Plan your week’s worth of meals by looking at what is on sale in the flyer. Try to match up those sales with coupons you have or 10% day etc

  16. My tip: do a no shop month every once in a while. Try to use up your supplies in the pantry/freezer. Set a limit of $100 for perisiable stuff.

  17. Stock up on items that will not go bad, when they are on sale. Use all rewards possible from stores/credit cards with out getting yourself in trouble….and of course use coupons……even a couple dollar everytime makes a difference!!!

  18. When you go to the store to pick something up make sure you are picking up more than one item to make it more worth your while but only things you need.

  19. My current money saving tip is not to use shopping as recreation. I am only going into stores when I actually NEED something not just WANT something.

  20. Coupon!!! my hubby recently lost his job and was 6 weeks until he got another one. It has helped that I got a good stock of coupons!

  21. I go with a list and a set budget. I know my prices so I don’t buy something I know I can get cheaper elsewhere. I also try not to shop when hungry otherwise I buy junk.

  22. if you are able to..pick up an extra tin for the bin. sharing & caring, not just during the Holiday Season, makes you feel good. with the tough economic times, each & every one of us could be in need of the food bank.
    FB member.

  23. I freezer cook, and bulk buy when I have the room to store it. I also keep a couple bags of cooked ground beef or ground pork in the freezer for easy meals on days that I get home late and don’t feel like cooking. Cheaper than ordering pizza all the time!

  24. When making chili, stew and meaty pasta sauce make extra and freeze it. That way when you need a quick meal you can pop it in microwave instead of resorting to fast food.

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