Lots of chains going out!

14 Nov

A few came back, a lot were lost – time for a huge update on the chains.

Here are the ones going out today:

st. vital #2 – nancy, tara, donna, lori-ann, shamara, jennifer, leslie, rachel, lauren, le, sandra

steinbach – dayna, tess, andrea, crystal, cherise, tricia, jen, stephanie, shannon

east k – carrie, jenn, jodie, jo, lora, danielle, rick, mackenzie, diane, misty

grant park – charlene, alana, j., rachel, irene, heidi, leah, natalie, rebecca, sandra, shawna

out of province – carrie, tennille, josee

transcona – katrina, crystal, jeannette, gladys, karine, silvia, kelly

outside wpg #2 – melanie, meagana, lori, michelle, stacey, dawn, karyn, emma

outside wpg #1 – tricia, janelle, ashley, leanne, tracy, kathryn, evelyn

outside wpg#3 – conny, sharlene, leigh, michelle, julie, michelle, darci, carolyn

Please make sure to update the site when you receive them!

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