St. Vital Centre – Behind closed doors

14 Nov

This Saturday Nov. 19th it’s st. vital centre’s behind closed doors evening – it’s from 7pm-1030pm. Lots of sales and prizes, tickets are 5$ at customer service and all proceeds go to local charities.

Has anyone been to this event? Is it fun? I’m not a big mall shopper, not a lover of crowds – is it better on those evenings? And is it kid free? Could make for a fun girls night out!

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  1. Just from what I heard last year this place was a zoo!! No place to park and super crowded throughout the mall, some of my friends said it was worse then boxing day. Thats just what I heard.

  2. Patrick is right. Way too many people. Lineups to pay, lineups to leave parking lot etc. They do have some things on sale but you’ll have to pay for it with your time and patience.

  3. I went last year with my husband. He didnt buy a ticket, so he didnt go in. And boy was I thankful for that. There were like NO parking spots anywhere, it was nuts! Thankfully he waited outside for me, so i never had to worry about parking and walking far.
    We arrived about 15min early and there were HUGE crowds around each door, which I dont think was necessary.
    Most stores carry more then 1 item per product.
    The sales were pretty good. UGGS were on sale for like 10 or 20% off at Quarks (UGGS rarely ever go on sale). The Kiosk that sells moccasins also had 10 or 20% off. And they dont go on sale ever.
    Centre court was given out free food samples, and it changed every hour. Sometimes it was popcorn, or pretzels or fries.
    I really enjoyed myself, there were so many deals to take advantage of.
    You just gotta decide if the madness of it all is worth saving some money. And for me, it was 🙂

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