Lice outbreak? Call Slice of Lice in #Winnipeg!

14 Mar

With a lot of the dreaded pink lice letters being handed out in schools lately, it’s a good idea to be prepared just in case. What can you do to avoid lice? And what do you do when you find some of the creepy crawlies on your own child? With so many articles lately of new “super lice” which are resistant to a lot of treatments, I thought it was a great time to introduce you to Sarah from Slice of Lice:

Slice of Lice is pleased to announce the grand opening of Winnipeg’s first Head Lice Treatment & Consulting company trained and certified through the Shepherd Institute.

Slice of Lice is a full service head lice and nit removal company. Slice of Lice is solely focused on providing the best service and solution for head lice consulting and treatments in Winnipeg and surrounding area.

Our continuous research and education into this health care issue, allows us to treat the affected customers with a 100% removal rate in the comfort of their own home. Slice of Lice uses pesticide free shampoos and hair products in all of our treatments. These products are also available for retail sale to the customer.

In addition to the physical removal of head lice and nits, Slice of Lice provides preventative and consulting services to schools, day cares, summer camps and other organizations where there is a high rate of head lice and nits.

Sarah Phillips, Chief Picking Officer

As a former hairdresser with over 15 years experience and a mom of three children, Sarah saw an opportunity to provide a head lice removal service in the City of Winnipeg. After having an experience with a lice infestation with one of her children and speaking with other parents about their experiences, she felt there was an opportunity to help other working parents deal with this problem in the comfort of their own home.

By using only natural products that are non toxic and safe for our children and adults alike, Sarah hopes to provide a much needed service for Winnipeg and the surrounding area.

Sarah is trained and certified in the Shepherd Method of lice removal and the only expert in this field within Manitoba. The Shepherd Institute is a training facility operated by Katie Shepherd a world renown lice expert.


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