Learning to love winter again – exploring Hecla in Manitoba

10 Mar

When you grow up in Manitoba, you learn to cope with winter in your own way. You can hibernate, suffer through it or learn to embrace it. I fall into the first and second categories mostly, but my husband who grew up in Vancouver is definitely part of the third category! I was thrilled to send him in my place to check out all the fun stuff there is to do in Hecla, and there really was a lot!

The Lakeview Hecla Resort is a beautiful place that is open year round, and offers luxury, comfort and fun things to do whether as a family, a couples getaway – would make an amazing wedding or party destination too.

hecla bedroomThe hotel itself is beautiful – the rooms are modern and pretty fancy. My husband loved his sleep number bed, and the views can’t be beat! It’s great to have such a pretty room to come back to and warm up in after spending hours outside having fun. The resort offers all kinds of outdoor activities, like snowshoeing, cross country skiing even toboganning!

The food is amazing too – he had pickerel 7 different ways while he was there, tacos, cheeks, even his breakfast had pickerel in it. There’s great items on the menu for everyone in the family (even non fish eaters like me) and he was very happy with what they offered for kids too.

It’s always nice to get the best of both worlds – exploring the outdoors but having this amazing place to come back to!


And if you didn’t relax enough in the bedroom, you can check out the pools – there’s one for kids pooland one for adults – you can even take the arctic plunge if you’re feeling brave!

The family pool is a great way to spend an afternoon or evening – and for grownups there’s a seperate pool and area. You can relax with a river rock bottom pool – I hear it’s quite heavenly! I love that there’s a seperation, depending whether you’re there as a family or as a grownup getaway you can relax to what suits your holiday.

Now for some outdoor fun – and there really is a lot to do there! More than I could have imagined!

bombardier If you want to learn more about the outdoors, or get a ride in this big blue beast you can contact Second Nature – all kinds of tours, workshops and more to discover Manitoba.

My husband loved learning about ice fishing – he relayed all the stories to our daughter and it’s something that she is excited to try now. If you want to learn more, contact Jason Hamilton Outdoors – a great guide to get you started. Wouldn’t that make for a pretty neat family outing? Or a surprise for someone who has always wanted to try ice fishing but doesn’t know where to start?

sunMy husband had some much fun visiting Hecla that he immediately started to plan future holidays for us – both summer and winter. And I have to admit, after seeing how much fun is out there I’m in! Since we have winter almost year round here it’s time for me to learn to love it again as I did as a kid – so time to dress up warm, dust off the longjohns and get out there and explore Manitoba! Instead of always dreaming of summer, or planning to get away in the winter – I think a winter getaway to Hecla to take in all they have to offer is on the calendar for us!

And thanks to Travel Manitoba for inviting us to participate in this great adventure!




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  1. I am a big fan of fishing, but never had the opportunity to go, or have friends that know how.
    So thank you for this information! I now know where I can start, and learn!

    • I think that’s the thing – if you’ve never done it you have no idea where or how to start. This is a good way to find out if you like it – get a guide for a day and start off right 🙂

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