Spring Break – Indigo and Chapters Style!

11 Mar

Spring break is coming, and it’s coming fast! As a mother of 3 kids (ages 15 years – 4 years old) I am always looking for activities to do! The cheaper, the better – Especially if it’s going to keep us occupied all week.

This year, I will be taking the younger two kids to participate in Indigo & Chapter’s Spring Break Activities (The oldest will help out or wander around the mall or play in the arcade).
Chapters & Indigo offers a fun filled week of free activities! A different activity/theme for each of the 5 days. The activity lasts about an hour or so, but you NEED TO REGISTER by calling your local Chapters/Indigo store! That way they have enough supplies for the day. If you aren’t sure if your store is participating in fun activities you can check out schedule here. It will provide you with locations, and what activities will be on what day.
Register for 1 day, or all 5! It doesn’t matter. It’s free, it gets you out of the house and gives everyone a change of scenery!
This year we will be doing 4 of the 5 days. I’m excited, the kids are excited, bring on spring break!

Stay tuned to this Winnipeg Mom Blog for more Spring Break Activities available in Winnipeg!

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