Island Lakes Community Garage Sale

3 Sep

The Island Lakes Community Garage Sale will be this Saturday Sept. 6th starting at 8am. A lot of people do their sales Friday night too, so could be worth popping by.

Community Sales are always great because there’s so many in one area, it’s like doing a summers worth of regular sales in just a few hours.

Expect a lot of traffic – be ready to park and walk far. And make sure to really obey the parking rules (even the obscure ones we all forget) since the parking patrol is always out in full force at these community events. Bring big bags or a wagon if you’ll be walking a lot of it.

I like to do a combined system – we walk a while then my husband will go back for the car as we keep going and meet back up for the next little area. Hopefully the weather is good, I love to stock up on games and books for the winter for the whole family at this one.

If you’re having a community sale or event and want it posted it up here on my Winnipeg Blog make sure to email me in advance!


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