Fall Giveaway Weekend in #Winnipeg

3 Sep

It’s a great time to declutter and do a big fall cleanup with Giveaway weekend coming up.

This Saturday and Sunday you can put your unwanted items that are in good condition on your front curb so they can find a new home 🙂

Make sure to put a free sign and to put away anything else in your yard or driveway that is not being given away. Items can be put out Saturday morning and must be either taken or cleaned up by dusk on Sunday.

People put out all kinds of things and it’s quite the busy weekend around the city with people driving around looking so it’s an easy way to get rid of things with almost no effort. I like these giveaway weekends because I usually just do a quick sweep and put out a few items – always nice to get rid of a few things that I know someone else would enjoy.

And if you’re out and about looking for items make sure to check for the free sign and to be respectful. Every giveaway weekend there seems to be a few people who randomly take things from peoples yards like bicycles or things they were unpacking in the driveaway so it’s good to know it’s on even if you’re not participating.

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