Huge coupon giveaway!

17 Jul

We haven’t had a giveaway in a while – time for a huge coupon giveaway! 🙂

For 1-99 entries there will be 1 winner, 100-199 entries 3 winners, 200-299 6 winners and so on!

Here are your ways to enter:

1 – comment with a great money saving tip

2 – join our facebook group

3 – post the link to this giveaway somewhere online, facebook status, twitter etc.

Make sure to comment seperately for each entry you do – the more entries the more winners there will be! Each person will win a huge envelope of coupons – good grocery ones to lower those summer food bills! 🙂 Contest open to all Canadians and will end Friday July 20th at noon – Good luck to everyone!

86 Replies to “Huge coupon giveaway!

  1. Feeling a bit out of the loop LOL Just finished moving, and am getting back into the swing of things! I’ve missed keeping up with things on here!

    Ok, money saving tips – I have been using our local FB moms buy and sell group! What a fantastic place to sell items that I don’t need and to find items that I DO need at a fraction of the price of new! That site helped me pretty much pay for our entire move. And with almost zero money in our budget for extras, that has been a wonderful place for me to stretch our dollars!!

    And I shared this site on my FB 🙂

  2. I buy things for birthdays and goodie bags when I see them. Birthday gifts can be expensive so if I see toys or books for the right age group on sale a grab a few. Not only am I saving $ but often can give a nicer gift!

  3. Love this group…great tips on saving money! Tip…i add match almost every time i go for a huge grocery shop. I like to watch the flyers…usually i use Sobey’s flyer at Wal-Mart. This weeks is a good one to use for Sobey’s has 1/2 price on items in there flyer. Doing this i know that the chances are good for the item to be at Wal-Mart. Sobey’s tends to run out of the items that they have on sale.

  4. I am a member of the savemoneyinwinnipeg facebook group plus other facebook groups such as giveawaywinipeg, Til Debt Do Us Part on Slice, and Fans of Gail Vaz-Oxlade (Max Privacy Group). I love and constantly read books and look at different ideas or ways to save, manage money and debt on the internet. I have just recently moved, so I am in the process of getting myself set up to receive more coupons online and other money saving techniques. I own a Show and Save book and an Entertainment book for times that I want to go out and at one point my ex and I had about 6 Show and Save books because they had awesome coupons for Sobey’s that we had enough coupons to last us a year of grocery trips! They were 10% off the whole grocery bill and then we would go to the 10% off Tuesdays. For most of my clothes shopping, it has been at thrift stores and for food, I make a large amount of something and freeze in individual portion sizes so it is ready to go for lunches and suppers (if I am tired and just don’t feel like cooking that night!) Right now I am trying to get some things organized here (space wise) to have a chest freezer. That is something I want to save up for… For birthdays and Christmas, my family asks what I want/need because I pretty much have everything I need, so I give them a list of a few things for around the new place and then it’s a surprise for me (because I don’t know which item they will pick) plus I will receive something useful for my new home! I also try to look for free or cheap things to do around the city – Salsa Sundays at the Forks, Ballet in the Park at Assiniboine Park or whatever is playing at the Lyric, going for walks, bike rides. Where I moved to has a pool and a tennis court, so I can use those whenever I want as well. So it can be easy in some respects to save money in Winnipeg!! 🙂

  5. If you need to do a BIG shop, wait until superstore has a buy $250 get a $25 gift card deal on – seems to happen every few weeks, and it’s nice to get something back!

  6. I bought some clothes for my son for next year, but this year, at 60% off than an extra 25% off. Watch fb groups of places you like (ie michaels) for extra coupons!!!

  7. My money saving tip is buy in bulk and when on sale! I live out of town do when there is a good sale ( Ex. Dollar Days) we go in and stock up the freezer or crisper, also toilet paper and laundry detergent never go bad so when there is a coupon and a good sale I always buy!

  8. Price match whenever possible to save gas, join Facebook pages for coupons and free stuff, call companies and ask for coupons. Order gift card from rewards programs (Hbc, air miles, etc)

  9. I save money by bringing my beverages with me. Contigo insulated coffee mugs and cold beverage containers from Costco have more than paid for themselves by now. Water and coffee are expensive to buy one bottle or cup at a time. Money saved = healthier food choices with the remaining food budget. 🙂

  10. A money saving tip is to use coupons! Also combine those coupons with sales for a great discount!
    ksceviour at hotmail dot com

  11. We grow a huge veggie garden and sell the extras at our local farmers market. My freezer is full of veggies and a little cash in my pocket….win, win!

  12. Retail is for suckers. Wait to purchase everything until it goes on sale. Everything eventually goes on sale.

  13. I shop based on the flyers. I also shop the ethnic food stores for a lot of my vegetables.

    I’ve taught my daughter and if it’s not something we need AND it’s on sale, we can’t buy it.

  14. I use the Sobeys Mastercard to pay for groceries at Sobeys to get double the points. I transfer the payment from my bank account when I get home to ensure my credit card bill will be zero. I redeem the points regularly for $20 off groceries.

  15. Easy one but I always take snacks for my son wherever we go. I’d much rather give him a box of raisins than pay $1.25 for a box of smarties.

    The other day when we went out to the mall one morning, my husband realized he’d forgotten to eat breakfast (which I cannot understand, as a breakfast fan). Never fear – I produced a string cheese and apple Larabar from my stash.

  16. when items you use often are on sale or promo, get more than you need in order to not have to buy these items regular price.

  17. Always shop around especially for monthly bills, ie check cable company or switch if competition is offering a better deal, alarm companies want your business too, even the cell companies will pay you to switch if you are near or at the end of your contract.

  18. I use a credit card for everything – great way to get extra Airmiles (also no bank fees for debt charges) ! My credit card gets paid twice a month to keep track of spending and to NEVER EVER carry a balance. A sale isn’t even close to a sale if your paying interest on it!

  19. Hey anywhere there is a sale I shop there. I plan my meals on the sales that I have in my freezer or in my fridge.

  20. Don’t think you’ve missed a sale or coupon this week, cause next week there will be another sale and another coupon!

  21. Plan meals around what is on sale, look for special and buy extra of sale items, that will not go bad! I buy ingrediants on sale and bake and cook some items in bulk and freeze the extras, awesome for meal when I do not want to cook or if company shows up, you have a treat to share with them.

  22. I as many others buy in bulk and buy when a sale is on.
    I like watching for deals in the flyers and shopping at garage sales for stuff for the kids.

  23. I buy the next size of kids clothes (for next year) when they are on clearance this year. Watch the online sales too, many stores offer free shipping, with in store returns.

  24. Always shop the clearance sections first. You never know what you might find. Stock up if they are freezable items!

  25. Keeping a stocked pantry, when I used something up, I buy it right away so it’s not a huge hit ever, and I don’t have to think about if I have everything to make supper, which cuts down on frequent grocery store trips. And I make a weekly meal plan

  26. I am always clipping coupons when I see them, I pick up toys & baby gifts when I see a good deal & put them away until I need them, I am always posting our unwanted items online for sale to bring in extra cash, I use a local consignment store for my kids clothes that are now too small – I get 40% of what they sell for, in my account, to shop for new clothes! I am always on the look-out for a good deal!

  27. Always keep your coupons on you (or in your car!) because you never know when you’ll need them. Superstore is especially good for finding items with pink stickers (that you never planned on buying) that can be combined for great savings!

  28. Tip: Consider buying store brand products to save $. They are often the same quality and can be cheaper than name brand.

  29. Just because the great deal is sold out when you get to the store doesn’t necessarily mean you missed out – may be able to get a rain check.

  30. The way we like to save money is to bring a lunch to work – make some extra supper, and take leftovers, or make a healthy sandwich. Healthier and cheaper too!!

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