Odd life of Timothy – premiere tickets giveaway!!

18 Jul

  We are so excited to see this new Disney premiere, the odd life of Timothy Green! I watched the trailer with my 6 year old and we both loved it – finally a family film that is not a cartoon! 🙂 This movie stars Jennifer Garner and Joel Edgerton as a lovable couple who desperately want a child – and what happens when they put all their hopes and dreams for this child in a box….sounds pretty good, right?

The movie comes out officially on August 15th – and one lucky family will get to go to the premiere for this film!!

3 ways to enter for this one:

1 – what dream or hope would you put in writing for a child? your own or any other.

2 – follow Disney Canada on facebook

3 – follow us our group on facebook

Make sure to comment seperately for each entry.


One lucky person will win 4 tickets to this magical film’s premiere at St. vital centre on July 26th at 730 pm – make sure you’re able to attend when entering the giveaway! 🙂 Good Luck to everyone! Giveaway ends monday July 23rd at noon!

45 Replies to “Odd life of Timothy – premiere tickets giveaway!!

  1. my biggest hope for my children would just be for them to be happy in all aspects of their life! Find a passion and turn it into a career, and surround themselves with friends who love them!

  2. My hope and dreams for my girls is to grow up knowing how much they are loved. I have MS and some days are really hard, but on my good days I try to do all I can to make wonderful memories for them.

  3. My hopes and dreams for all children is a full stomach, a live filled with love, the wisdom to choose their own path and the freedom to follow their dreams.

  4. I wish my child, and any child a safe and happy childhood. One full of laughter, games, playing and so much love. Doesn’t matter if single parent or two parent home, just so long as he/she enjoys life to the fullest!

  5. My dream is that my children will always be comfortable with who they are and never feel they have to be someone else just to fit in or make someone else happy.

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