Huge coupon giveaway!

8 May

I have lots of great coupons to share – time for another big coupon giveaway!!

Here are the rules:Β  contest open to all Canadians. Each winner will receive 100$ in coupons!

3 ways to enter for this one, and make sure to comment seperately for each one:

1-Β comment with a money saving tip, always nice to get new ones

2- join our group on facebook

3- follow me on twitter

And here’s why it’s important to comment seperately – I’ll do 1 winner for 1-49 entries, 3 winners for 50-99 entries, 5 winners for 100-149 entries and so on – so your odds will be even better! πŸ™‚ Contest will end Friday May 11th at noon – good luck everyone!

83 Replies to “Huge coupon giveaway!

  1. Price match and use use coupons when price matching, join a coupon train to paSs coupons to others tthat you don’t use

  2. Right now with the weather somewhat nice I don’t have the a.c. or heat on if it gets warm in the house I open the windows, it hasn’t gotten cold in the house so I haven’t had to use the heat.

  3. Facebook friend entry – sign up for different companies face book pages. Special offers and promos you would miss other wise

  4. check all the flyers make list of sales and use the coupons you have for everything you buy… i always carry coupons with me.. and buy only if i have a coupon for the products……saves alot

  5. I try to remember that just cause something is cheap doesnt mean its a good deal. Sometimes not buying something is the best deal.

  6. Use less meat than you think you need in stir fries ,chilies , pasta sauces anything that you can’t tell how much meat is in a serving then just don’t let your husband catch you making it! Saves me a fortune (and is better for him too)

  7. Make your own lunches to take to work. You will be amazed at how much money you’ll save even if you only do it once or twice a week. It will also make going out for lunch a treat.

  8. use dryer balls 2 sets no static and clothes are soft. Save lots no dryer sheets or softener.

  9. I have been loving coupon trains right now i cant get enough…you can get some really super coupons that might not be in your area!!

  10. stock up when items are on sale or discounted for fast sale – esp items that have a long shelf life or can go in the freezer.
    cook in big batches – esp when you get a great deal on main ingredients – eg. if you get a great deal on ground beef make a huge batch of meatballs, cook and freeze for future meals.

  11. Try to do all in your shopping in one trip instead of going out for one thing. (I need to follow my own advice!)

  12. look for special events/days in your area such as Louis Riel Day and Canada Day! There will surely be many festivites going on- and maybe some freebies like cake and free entries into museums, national parks, fireworks, free samples, etc. this is a great way to have fun with your family on a budget!

  13. My money saving tip – make extra food at supper time to take in your lunch the next day. Way cheaper than going out to eat, gives variety to lunches, and a great way to use up leftovers.

  14. I try to take a look at different store flyers before I go shopping and make a list specific to each store. The flyerland website is a new fav for sure!

  15. Just because you have a coupon .. you don’t have to buy the item!

    Make someone else’s day … when I’m bored standing in line at the check out … I “check out” the cart in front of or behind me … if I see something that I have a coupon for … I give it to them! πŸ™‚

    • I’m not the only one! πŸ™‚ Feels kinda awkward admitting that I was checking out their cart, but so far no one’s been insulted.

  16. We always look through the flyers and meal plan for the next week according to what’s on sale! Works well for us πŸ™‚

  17. I like to sit down on Thursdays with our flyers (that’s when the come) find out what’s on sale and compare to what coupons I have. Figure out what is on ‘cheap’ that week and make a menu plan and stick to it. I usually do my shoping Friday mornings as soon as the store opens as that’s when our local store prices down their meat.

  18. My best money saving tip is to join the save money in Winnipeg Facebook group! Always tons of great ideas, sales and information there!!

  19. My money saving tip is to coupon,coupon,coupon! Also,stock up on things when they go on sale,so you never have to pay regular price!!
    ksceviour at hotmail dot com

  20. Do as much as you can for yourself for auto and home maintenance.

    Check out resources from sites like Home Depot, RONA, etc. It’s sometimes surprising how simple it is to do it ourselves.

    Keep the car in good working order – fluids topped up, oil changed regularly, and tires at proper inflation – for best fuel economy.

  21. Plan your menu for the week depending on what is on sale and do one big shopping trip (with coupons in hand of course:))

  22. Try not to let anything go to waste-I have lots of “fridge cleaner’ recipes that let me use up veggies.

  23. Tip: Watch for BOGO free deals! Lots of stores will let you use 2 coupons for the 2 products making them close to free πŸ™‚

  24. Don’t shop when you are hungry (^^^)……should have taken my own advice tonight, how did all these snacks get in my cart…..??? πŸ˜›

  25. when you have time walk around every aisle of a store looking for sale signs – there are often plenty of clearance or unadvertised deals

  26. Plant a garden! Blanch and freeze anything you can to have during the winter. Plants tons of to
    Atoes and make and store your own salsa, pasta sauce, juice, etc,

  27. Don’t use all your coupons on things that you don’t need!!! Also, find alternative cleaning supplies, as all those chemical laced cleaning solutions are horrible for your health!!!

  28. have a monthly meeting (post at community ctrs, library, schools,etc.) for mothers to bring in old kids clothes, adult clothes, etc. For every item brought you get to pick out that amount out of the pile. Sort the clothes by sizes and sexes to make things easier. everyone ends up walking away the same amount of clothes and it doesn’t cost a cent!!

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